What Is the Best Time to Buy Term Insurance?

When Is the Best Time to Buy Term Life Insurance?

Why Is It Never Too Late to Buy a Term Plan?

Why Is Term Insurance an Important Part of Your Life?

FAQs about the Best Time to Buy Term Insurance

Can I hold multiple term insurance plans?

Yes, any Indian citizen can possess more than one insurance policy from the same insurer or different companies. People generally purchase multiple term plans to reduce the risk of a claim rejection and benefit from additional riders.

What is the maximum age limit of term insurance?

As medical science continues to advance, human life expectancy has also improved from earlier. Consequently, life insurance providers have elevated the upper age limit for term plans. People over 60 years of age can also now opt for buying specialised term plans for senior citizens. Many insurers provide life coverage to individuals until they reach 70-75 years of age.

When should you add an accidental cover on top of basic life coverage?

Suppose you must travel a lot by road, rail or airway for work purposes. Chances are significant that there can be an unfortunate event during a trip. Thus you may opt for an additional accidental cover to ensure your family gets extra protection by adding a little extra to the base premium.