5 Factors to Compare When Buying Term Insurance

What Is Term Insurance?

Why Compare Term Insurance Plans Before Buying?

Which Factors Should You Pick to Compare Term Life Insurance Plans?

How to Compare Term Insurance Cover and Premium Using Online Calculator?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Added Benefits Do You Look for When You Compare Term Insurance Policies?

Besides ensuring a lump sum payment, some term plans offer you opportunities of increasing the assured sum after five years of the policy term have passed. This helps finance major events like childbirth, marriage, or taking loans. Moreover, sometimes insurance add-ons include an assured base sum for certain critical illnesses.  There are also multiple riders that you can add up as per your requirements.

Why Should People Approaching Their Mid-40s Compare Term Insurance Premiums?

People generally in their mid-40s are trying to accomplish serious financial milestones like arranging for sufficient money to support a child's education. Therefore, they must pick the most suited term policy to ensure a foolproof financial arrangement for their loved ones in their absence.

How Does Term Insurance Differ from Any Other Life Insurance with a Savings Component?

A term insurance policy assures that the dependents of the insured person will receive a lump sum payout if they pass away within the term period. On the other hand, a life insurance policy with a savings component, guarantees that there will be an additional maturity benefit if the policyholder stays alive beyond the policy’s term.