Telemedical Questions for Term Insurance

What Questions You May Face in a Term Insurance Telemedical interview?

Why Do Insurance Providers Perform Telemedical Interviews for Term Insurance?

Why Is It Important Acting Honest in a Telemedical Interview and How It Helps?

FAQs about Telemedical Questions for Term Insurance

How are telemedical checkups helping NRIs willing to buy a term plan in India?

NRIs now do not need to visit India to provide necessary medical evidence and reports and can complete the term plan application process online. Therefore they enjoy the same benefits as those living in India at the same price.

Which standard medical tests are recommended before buying a term plan?

The insurer's aim behind a telemedical test is to form a rough idea regarding their customer’s health status while purchasing a term plan. Hence, a few basic medical tests need to be conducted, including CBC test, urine test, HIV I & II tests, fasting plasma glucose test and evaluating the applicant’s weight and height. 

What should blood sugar be for term insurance?

Typically your blood glucose level must be lower than 135. In many cases, the insurer may even provide you with coverage despite having higher levels of blood sugar. But under those circumstances, you will be required to pay more premiums.

What is FME in term insurance?

It is a commonly used abbreviation which you may come across while reading the terms and conditions of a term insurance policy. The full form reads as Full Medical Examination.