Where to Invest Money to Get Good Returns?

Where to Invest Money for the Best Returns in India?

Popular Investment Options for Short-Term Goals

Popular Investment Options for Mid-Term Goals

Popular Investment Options for Long-Term Goals

FAQs about Where to Invest Money to Get Good Returns

Which investments give the highest returns?

In terms of average annual returns, the stock market provides the brightest results. Compared to real estate, which generates approximately 8.8% returns on average, you can expect an escalation of almost 13.8% while investing in direct equity. Such high returns can easily beat inflation and generate passive income like dividends.

When to invest in money market funds for substantial returns?

Short-term goals, say feats you wish to achieve within the next 3-4 years, can be easily attained by investing in money market funds. These types of debt mutual funds invest in highly liquid assets like cash, debt-based securities and cash-equivalent securities, ensuring high returns with reasonable risk appetite.

What are the important things to remember when deciding where to invest money?

While relying on a specific investment approach, it is crucial to stay disciplined and patient. Moreover, another thing that is often misinterpreted by people who are new to investing is that they think any investment will call for a lot of money. That is not the case; you can start from as low as ₹500 or even lower than that while buying stocks, gold, or even starting a SIP. Finally, fundamentally strong investment options must be clubbed together for optimal long-term outcomes.