What Are the Different Ways to Invest in Gold?

5 Best Options to Invest in Gold

FAQs About Ways to Invest in Gold

Why is ETF considered the best way to invest in gold for beginners?

ETFs are ideal for market beginners who are enthusiastic about gold investments. This is because after opening a brokerage account, they get 24x7 AI assistance on which ETF can be best for them. Moreover, investors can monitor live trading prices anywhere they want and eliminate administrative costs. Finally, their holdings stay secured under the supervision of top-rated companies that share high-volume trading expertise.

What makes gold investment a great choice in 2023?

So far, if we analyse the market performance of gold assets in the last six months, it has undoubtedly behaved as a hedging element to a retail investor’s portfolio. Irrespective of high inflation rates, the price of digital gold has also soared, making it a great investment alternative in 2023.

How to invest in gold mutual funds in the name of minors?

A parent can accumulate gold holdings under the mutual fund folio of their child. To accomplish this, the parent must visit the nearest branch of the preferred AMC, submit the necessary documents and complete the KYC process of the intended account holder. After successful registration, all SIP investments will be credited to the individual’s account until they reach 18 years of age when AMC nullifies the account and requests to withdraw the accrued funds.

Why is it better to look for alternative gold investment options over acquiring physical gold?

Physical gold possessions are subjected to theft if you store them at the house. Moreover, they incur additional making charges when you intend to make jewellery out of it. Also, buying gold from local jewellers can lead to purity issues; thus, you may have to compromise on its price if you need to sell them in future at times of emergency.