Understanding Financial Planning in India: History and Importance

What Is the Definition of Financial Planning?

History of Financial Planning in India

What Are the Components of Financial Planning?

How to Conduct Financial Planning in India?

Why Is Financial Planning Important?

FAQs on An Ultimate Guide to Financial Planning in India

Is there any particular time for financial planning?

Generally, there is no specific perfect time to make a financial plan. However, according to experts, the earlier you make your plan, the better outcome you can expect. Financial planners recommend individuals make their monetary plan soon after they start earning.

How are financial planning and financial management related to each other?

Financial management is a fairly lengthy procedure in which financial planning is the foremost phase that manages the entire cash flow that is required to provide the necessary funds.

What are the key suggestions for proper budgeting?


Mentioned below are some important suggestions to make an effective budget: 

  • Make a plan to deal with unforeseen expenditures
  • Review your budget periodically
  • Be specific and have a clear objective
  • Ensure that your budgeting procedure is easy and understandable