What Are the Best Ways to Choose an Investment Advisor?

How to Find the Right Investment Advisor?

Which Type of Investment Advisor Should I pick?

What Are the Credentials an Investment Advisor Should Have?

What Questions to Ask an Investment Advisor?

How Much Does an Investment Advisor Cost?

FAQs About How to Choose an Investment Advisor

Are the charges levied by investment advisors worth it? up-arrow

Investment advisors have the extensive financial knowledge and are well-equipped to help you achieve the returns you expect from your assets. Since they make maximum efforts to ensure your investments' success, their general fees are valid.

From what kind of investment advisors should you stay away? up-arrow

Do not select an advisor if they assure you guaranteed investment returns, recommend investing without risk profiling, and confuse you with complicated financial instruments.

In addition, you should also look out for anyone who advises you to invest in schemes that will make you rich fast.

Is it difficult to choose an investment advisor in India? up-arrow

Although finding an advisor is relatively easy, it is slightly challenging since there are very few registered investment advisors because of the stringent norms that SEBI has set. However, this means that it is more likely for your SEBI-registered advisor to be genuine.

Do investment advisors work only for businesses? up-arrow

Investment advisors work for businesses and individuals as long as they receive proper compensation. Whether for your personal investments or your organisation if you want legitimate investment advice.