How to Save Money for Higher Education?

What Are the 4 Top Ways to Save Money for University?

What Are the Effective Ways to Safeguard the Saving Process?

FAQs on How to Save Money for Higher Education

Where should I invest to get assured returns for students?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Saving Certificate (NSC) are two investment tools that guarantee returns over the long term. As these are centrally backed schemes, students can easily rely on them. However, they offer low liquidity as the lock-in period is a minimum of 5 years.

How to save up for university costs within a short period?

Investing in mutual funds is an excellent option, although it involves slight risk as the profit parameters are dependent on market metrics. These financial possessions can help you achieve substantial returns within 3-5 years if arranged perfectly to complement your goals under the guidance of fund managers. For added credibility, you can invest in reputed banking organisations of India that operate their own mutual funds.

What is the smartest way to save money for higher education?

It is essential to have an idea on how much you should approximately save to pursue a particular course. Next, break the overall saving process into achievable milestones and keep a track on your progress map. Finally, make adjustments to utility expenses to further boost your savings.