Why Developing Financial Literacy for students is Important?

What Is Financial Literacy?

What Can Student Expect from Financial Education?

How Will Financial Education for Students Help the Country?

Where Can Students Invest?

How to Teach Financial Literacy to Students?

FAQs About Financial Literacy for Students

How can I save money as a teenager?

Many teens these days opt for small tasks they take responsibility for. It can be anything from teaching tuition to doing small voluntary work. It is possible that you also get the money during different celebrations. You can take this money and save it in your account.

How can I make my 6-year-old kid understand financial matters tactfully?


Financial matters can be boring and unfathomable if said theoretically. Now, most kids love stories, games and the like. You can induce those to make them understand. Base bedtime stories on moralistic budgetary notions.

Play games where you're the shopkeeper and they are the customer, etc. The goal here lies in getting their attention and making them understand as simply as possible.

What is the right time to begin educating my child on financial matters?

So long your child can understand the basic meaning of things and how they work, you can begin then. It is important to note that students learn at their pace, so even if you start late, make sure they understand and implement it in their life.

What are the names of games that talk about financial matters?

Monopoly is a common household name for many Indians. However, for kids, you can always make a game of your own where you stay as the fraudster and see how they act.