5 Investment Options that Earn Better than Bank FD Returns

5 Investment Alternatives Better Than Fixed Deposits

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Debt Funds Considered Better than Fixed Deposits?

Debt funds have a lower lock in period than fixed deposits. While they carry some risk since they are related to market, for the same reason, they also carry the potential to deliver higher returns as compared to a fixed deposit.

Is Real Estate also a Better Investment than FD?


While real estate investment offers potential for capital appreciation and rental income, we must not fall prey to the myth that property prices are always on the rise. Though they have boomed in the last few years, there is always a possibility of drop or stagnation.

In addition, they are two vastly different investments when it comes to investment size because the real estate requires a sizeable amount as investment.

Is There Any Risk Involved in Bond Investment?

Though bonds carry minimal risk, it cannot be termed as zero. Especially in case of corporate bonds, one risk is of default. Thus, before investing, you must check the credit ratings of the company as well as of the bond.

Is There a Monthly or Quarterly Interest Payout Option in Recurring Deposits?

No, recurring deposits do not have the option of monthly/quarterly interest payout.

Can I Change the Tenure and Instalment Debit Date of my Recurring Deposit?

No. The tenure and instalment debit date once set, cannot be changed during the term of the deposit.