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A Quick Guide on How to Transport Bike by Train

What Are the Methods of Bike Transportation in India?

What Is the Timing for Bike Parcel Booking?

What Are the Required Documents for Transporting Bikes Through Train?

What Are the Bike Parcel Transport Rules by Indian Rail?

What Is the Cost for Bike Transporting, and How Is it Calculated?

After knowing the procedure to parcel bikes on a train, you must be curious about its cost and charges. The following chart from the Indian Railways might help you understand the process of calculating it.



Packing cost

₹ 300 - ₹ 500

Delivery cost

It depends on your bike’s value and distance to the destination.

Insurance charges

It depends on your bike’s value, which will be included with the parcel cost. There will be no extra cost if the price transport declaration is up to ₹ 10,000. However, there will be a 1% extra charge if this amount is more.

Distance slabs here are marked by kilometres. So, if the distance of bike transport is about 290 km, and your bike's weight is about 100 kg, then your bike parcel charge will be about ₹ 121.73. Moreover, you might also have to pay about ₹ 200 - ₹ 250 for the packing cost of your bike.

What Are Some Safety Tips to Ensure Before Transporting a Bike?

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