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What is ABS in Bikes: Features & Benefits Explained

What Is ABS in Bikes?

How Does ABS in Bike Works?

What Are the Features and Importance of ABS in Bikes?

What Are the Benefits of ABS in Bikes?

What Are the Differences Between ABS and Non-ABS Bikes?

Now that you know what an anti-lock braking system is, here are some differences between ABS and non-ABS bikes. This will help you evaluate the reasons for choosing a bike with ABS.


Non-ABS Bikes

ABS Bikes

Control on braking

While applying the brake it stops abruptly and reduces the control over the bike for a period and the wheels get locked, resulting in skidding

The wheels will not get locked instantly while applying the brake. It uses the software logic to sense the locking time of the wheel for better control.

Wheel locking

Break shoes expand and touch the drum lining and cause friction while applying the brake. It results in sudden brake with wheel locking.

Speed sensors in ABS determine the wheel's speed and other sensors determine when a wheel is about to lock. It adjusts the braking pressure to avoid wheel locking and it locks after moving a certain distance

Risks of accident

Higher risk of accident, slipping, and skidding in bad road conditions and when the rider loses control of the bike.

Lower risks of accidents, as the rider has greater control over the bike. Fewer chances of skid

How to Use ABS on Bikes Effectively?

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