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How Does Bike Modification Impact Two-wheeler Insurance?

How Bike Insurance Premium is Affected by Bike Modifications?

What Are Various Types of Bike Modifications & Their Impact on Bike Insurance?

The following table provides you with a clear idea about how bike insurance premium is affected by bike modification:

Type of Modification


Impact on Insurance Premium

Performance Modifications

These changes favour you to achieve more speed while riding. Also, it includes developments that lead to fuel-efficient systems.

Premium prices go up as the insurance companies evaluate more risk associated with higher speeds.

Visual Modifications

Modifications under this head are intended to uplift your bike’s aesthetic value. As a result, its overall market value also rises.

An insurance company can request more premium amounts against a fixed coverage as visual enhancements increase the risk of theft.

Modifications for the Disabled

Differently-abled riders decide to go for these modifications so that they can ride at ease.

Insurers usually give an additional discount to encourage such people.

Security Modifications

Security upgrades like chain and padlock combinations, throttle locks, etc., reduce the likelihood of your vehicle’s valuable components getting stolen.

These alterations are highly supportive when your priority is to get a discounted insurance plan. It not only saves money in the long run but also gives you peace of mind.

External Fittings

Outer attachments like a luggage carrier are meant for more convenient journeys.

Premiums increase as your bike’s market value increases, and the insurer needs to adjust coverage accordingly.

Also, there exist some modifications that pose no negative impact on your bike insurance premium. These include the enhancement of your bike's braking system, engine capacity, and crash bars. It is very relevant to be aware of how bike insurance premiums are affected by bike modification under these headings. Only then can you make a well-informed decision.

What Things Do You Need to Disclose While Planning to Get Bike Modification?

FAQs about the Impact of Bike Modifications on Insurance Premium