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How to Change a Bike Tyres in 10 Simple Steps?

Step-by-Step Process to Change Bike Tyres

What Are the Things You Will Need to Change a Bike Tyre?

Things That Do Not Come With Your Vehicle but Are Useful While Changing a Flat Tyre

What Are the Do’s and Don'ts of Changing a Bike Tyre?


You must consider the following things if you are thinking about how to change bike tyres:

Do’s of Bike Tyre Replacement

Don’ts of Bike Tyre Replacement

Make sure to remove the wheel and let all air out from your bike’s tyre before starting with any further step.

Do not inflate your bike tyre before fixing the bead properly.

Do not forget to spray lube to your bike tyres after each step. It is recommended to change both bike tyres simultaneously.

Avoid using the wrong type of lube.

Make sure to air your motorbike’s tyre up till its right PSI (pounds per square inch).

Do not use lubricant before cleaning your bike tyres and chain.

Tighten all the screws properly

Avoid messing up with wheel alignment.

Now you know how to change bike tyres successfully with these 10 essential steps. From detaching the wheel to remounting it, the whole process can take half an hour on average. However, you can definitely check some additional steps if you feel essential accordingly.

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