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Difference Between Bike Warranty and Bike Insurance

What Is Bike Warranty?

What Is Bike Insurance?

Bike Insurance vs Bike Warranty


The table below narrows down the significant differences between a bike insurance and bike warranty.


Bike Insurance

Bike Warranty

Third-party liabilities

Third-party property, injuries and death covered

Not applicable.

Damages to the insured bike

Covers accidental damages of insured bikes.

Not applicable

Replacing faulty parts of the bike

Not applicable.

Covers faulty parts and gets it replaced.


Includes valuable add-ons to extend the coverage.

No customising is allowed or available.

Is it compulsory?

Own Damage insurance is optional, but Third-party Liability Plan is compulsory.

Warranty is included at the time of purchase. However, extended warranties are optional.

Personal Accident (PA) cover

Have to buy separately.

Not Applicable

Bike Theft

Covers bike theft.

No coverage.

Total loss (damages that are beyond repair)

Covers the total loss.

No coverage.

Usual wear and tear

No coverage.

No coverage.

Mechanical or electrical failure

No coverage.

Covers mechanical/electrical failure within the warranty period.

Man-made or natural disasters (cyclones, floods, riots, vandalism, etc.)

Also covers artificial or natural disasters.

No coverage.

Fire or explosion

Coverage offered.

No coverage.

Hence, these constitute two different forms of financial coverage. If any of your bike’s parts become faulty within a specified period, you may apply for a warranty. Conversely, if the bike is damaged due to an accident, the insurance policy should cover the costs.

Knowing the difference between bike warranty and bike insurance, you now know what to opt for in different scenarios.

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