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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car insurance has been made mandatory by the government for your safety and the safety of others. And the yearly premium you pay is just a meager sum when compared to the advantages it has to offer you in case of, god forbid, any mishap. And there are two types of car insurance policies that you can take for your four-wheeler: Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Car Insurance. Here we will tell you everything about a Comprehensive Car Insurance.

What is a Comprehensive car insurance?

This is the ‘premium’ car insurance policy, in other words the ‘complete package’ that covers any damage to the vehicle and any injury sustained by its occupants and the ‘third party’, in case of, god forbid, any accident or mishap!

What are the benefits of Comprehensive car Insurance coverage?

Though Comprehensive Car Insurance policy comes at higher premium when compared to Third Party Car Insurance, it’s worth every penny! For the simple reason that it provides you with unparalleled insurance cover benefits and ‘Add on’ covers. So, what does Comprehensive car insurance cover:

  • Damage to your vehicle due to an accident
  • Personal injury during an accident
  • Theft of your vehicle
  • Damage to your vehicle due to fire
  • Damage to your vehicle due to natural disasters
  • Damage to the vehicle or property of the third party in an accident
  • Injury to the third party during an accident

Add-ons with Comprehensive Car Insurance

With a comprehensive insurance coverage you also have the option to opt for beneficial add-ons. Listed below are few of the ‘Add on’ covers that can be availed at a slight premium over the basic insurance policy cost.

Zero Depreciation: your car depreciates i.e; the market value drops by every passing day since its purchase. This cover ensures that your car is just as valuable as the insurer will not consider depreciation during the final settlement.  
Engine Protection Cover: this covers the financial protection for damages caused to the engine and gear box in case of water damage, leakage of lubricating oil etc.
Roadside Assistance (RSA): this cover comes handy when you’re stranded on the road due to car breakdown. The RSA will come to your rescue and repair your car or take it to the nearest service center.  
Consumable Cover: this covers the consumables of your car. This includes the lubricating oil, nuts, screws and bolts etc.
Return to Invoice: this ensures that in case of theft or total loss you get the ex-showroom price of your car as a compensation and not just the IDV or market value.

What’s not covered under your Comprehensive Car Insurance

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your comprehensive car insurance policy, so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

Any policy that is not in force anymore. Ensure that you renew your policy on time. If the damage happens post expiry & before renewal, your car won’t be covered.
Any car damages to your car due to war, radiation, rebellion, hostilities, terror attacks, or invasion.
At the time of the accident, if you or anyone driving with your consent is found under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
Any consequential damage. For instance, your car’s engine gear oil leaks. Yet you drive & the gearbox fails, which is consequential damage.
Any damage due to contributory negligence, for instance, you forget to lock your car and your car gets burgled.
Any damage to due to a deliberate accident attempt, for instance, if you intentionally go and hit in your car to a pole.
Any activity not guided by the rule of law. Like, underage drivers, driving without a valid license or on the wrong side of the road.

Difference between Comprehensive & Third-Party

Understand the difference between comprehensive and third-party car insurance policies.


Third party

Theft of your vehicle

Why should you buy Digit's Comprehensive Car Insurance?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Super-Fast claims

We've settled 96% of all claims for private cars!

Cashless Repairs

1400+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from across India

Doorstep Pickup & Repair

Doorstep pickup, repair and drop with 6 months repair warranty - for repairs at our network garages

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Just click the damages on your phone and you are done

High IDV per rupee

With us, you can customize your IDV as per your choice!

Comprehensive Car Insurance is well worth its premium, for its benefits remain unparalleled! At the end of the day, choosing Comprehensive Insurance for your car can literally be a life saviour😊!

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