Human Life Value (HLV) Calculator

What Are the Methods to Calculate HLV?

There are two methods of calculating Human Life Value. These are as follows,

  • Income Replacement Method: In this method, individuals have to opt for Life Insurance that can thoroughly replace the amount needed to support a family.
  • Need-Based Method: This method calculates the amount required to cover the needs in the event of the death of an earning member.

The below-mentioned table shows the calculation method of Human Life Value with an example,

Suppose Mr. Kumar (aged 40 years) receives a salary of ₹ 5 lakhs. After deducting his personal income of ₹ 1.3 lakh per annum, the remaining amount of ₹ 3.7 lakh stays with his family, which they spend for daily expenses. Here, the surplus value of ₹ 3.7 lakh is Mr. Kumar’s economic value. If Mr. Kumar invests this money for the working span, it will transform into his Human Life Value.

The calculation is as follows:



Gross Total Income

₹ 5 lakh

Personal Expenses

₹ 1 lakh

Insurance Premium

₹ 15,000

Tax Payable

₹ 10,000

Retirement Age

60 years

Surplus Income of the Family

₹ 3.7 lakh

Anticipated Rate of Return


Working Span

20 years

Human Life Value

₹ 3.9 lakh

Now that individuals know the calculation process of HLV, let’s understand the importance of HLV and the factors affecting it.

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