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Who is a General Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent is someone that works with an insurance company to sell specific insurance products.

If you’re wondering how to become an insurance agent from home, or how to be a POSP or General Insurance Agent, you will help customers choose the right policy as per their personal requirements.

With Digit, you can sell Health Insurance, Motor (Car, Bike, Commercial Vehicles) Insurance, SFSP Insurance and International Travel Insurance.

What is General Insurance?

A General Insurance includes all non-life insurance policies such as car insurance, bike insurance, travel insurance, SFSP insurance, and health insurance among others.

These general insurance policies help people to protect themselves from losses in case of an unfortunate incident.

For example, a car insurance could protect someone from losses and damages caused to their car during an accident whilst a SFSP insurance would cover for damages in case of a burglary or natural calamity.

Given the rise in urban India’s standard of living, and laws like the Motor Vehicles Act, an increasing number of Indians are choosing to get themselves and what they own, insured.

*Disclaimer - There is no specific category for Agents. If you register for becoming a general Insurance agent, you can sell all general insurance products.

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Interesting facts about General Insurance industry in India

The Indian general insurance industry grew by 14.5% last year alone. (1)
The total premiums underwritten by India’s non-life insurers stood at INR 1.59 trillion in 2019. (2)
The general insurance market in India is expected to cross $40 USD billion by 2020. (3)

Why become a General Insurance Agent with Digit?

Learn more about why should you become an insurance agent, and why should you choose Digit?

Work directly with Digit

As our POSP partner, you will work directly with us. No other middlemen involved. Digit is the fastest growing insurance company India today. We are currently the youngest company to be awarded Asia's General Insurance Company of the Year 2019.  

Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of insurance policies covering a variety of assets. For example, we cover health, motor (car, two-wheeler, commercial vehicles), travel, home, and many others.

Insurance made simple

We believe in making insurance simpler, which is why all our documents are so simple that even 15-year olds can understand them.

Strong backend support

With technology as our main pillar, we offer you a dedicated support team, and an advanced web & mobile app that allows you to sell 24x7! 

Zero-Touch Insurance

All our processes are online, with absolutely no paperwork involved. It’s a win-win situation; it works well for you and your time, and customers prefer it too!  

Instant Policy Issuance

No long procedures or tedious paperwork. We issue insurance policies instantaneously online, without any inconvenience.  

Quick commission settlement

Don’t worry, we have your back! All our commissions are settled quickly. Your account will be credited with your commission every 15 days of policy issuance.

How to become an Insurance Agent online?

How to become an Insurance Agent with Digit?

Step 1

Sign up by filling our POSP form given above, fill all the details & upload required documents.

Step 2

Complete your 15-hour training with us.

Step 3

Complete the prescribed examination.

Step 4

Sign the agreement with us and that’s it! You’ll be a certified POSP.

Why should I become a General Insurance Agent?

Become your own boss

One of the primary advantages of being a POSP is the freedom to work as per your convenience. You can now be your own boss! 

No time constraints!

You can decide whether you’d like to work fulltime or part-time and craft your own working hours accordingly.

Work from home

At Digit Insurance, we primarily sell insurance policies online. This means, you as a POSP can work from home and use our online processes to sell and issue policies.

Only 15 hours of training

To certify as a POSP, one of the main criteria's is to complete the 15-hours compulsory training offered by the IRDAI; which isn’t much to be honest! All it is going to take you is 15 hours of investment to get on board! 

High earning potential

Your earnings don’t rely on number of hours worked but on the number of policies you issue. To have a better understanding of the same.

Zero Investment

Apart from having a smartphone, a good internet connection, and the required 15-hours training, there’s nothing else you need to become a POSP. So, there’s almost no monetary investment required from your end, whilst the earning potential is high! 

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