What is the fuss about automation in inspection?

Team Digit, 23 Jun 2018

Technology has covered our back almost everywhere.

Whether it is a simple task of doing a web check-in or a video conferencing for an office meeting, the need for you to be physically present at places is redundant.  So much so that even shopping alone is no more a hassle, you simply click a picture of the shoe styles you have shortlisted, and your friend makes a pick.

Even when it comes to the “otherwise-thought-to-be complicated” tasks like banking, investments and insurance, simplicity with technology is becoming the norm.

But just being ‘online’ doesn’t solve the hiccups that the insurance space faces in making things simple for the customer. An ecosystem needs to be built to automize the customer’s entire purchase to claim journey without the customer having to break a sweat. So how do we do this? This is what we think is the crux of the situation:

  • Spotting the gaps in the current service offerings
  • Finding a sweet spot to smoothen the journey
  • Emulating consumer behaviour to make it relatable
  • Trusting customers to build stronger and faster response cycles


So, the first task is to spot the gaps. 

Let’s jog your memory a bit. Remember the time when you had to claim for your car insurance? We can see your face contorting with misery. And trust us, when we say, we completely understand the pain. You called the insurance provider explaining your misfortune of crashing your car and asked for your claim estimate. Your insurance provider told you that a Third-Party agency had to inspect your car and the damages incurred first, and only then they could approve your claim and give an estimate. You thought it will be a breeze but unfortunately the whole coordination with the inspection agency was nerve-wrecking. And you got an estimate after 1 week! Forgive us, we know the wound is still fresh.

Now, how do we bridge this gap and find a sweet spot? 

We know inspection is important because only then can we assess the right claim amount. But we can find a sweet spot by automating manual inspection. How you ask. Introducing the concept of Self – Inspection.

Let’s see how it works, taking the same situation that we already spoke about. You call your insurance provider explaining your misfortune of crashing your car and ask for your car insurance claim estimate. But instead of asking you to coordinate with a Third- Party agency for inspection, they send a link to your registered mobile number where you can send photos and videos of your car with the damage. They assess the damage at the earliest and come back to you with an estimate. The entire process of self inspection got over in a couple of minutes.

1 week to some minutes, see the transition? Exactly how we would like it when we are in distress!

That’s the beauty of Self - Inspection. No waiting for anyone to check for the damage, no making hundreds of calls to different people, no tearing your hair to get your insurance. After all, what’s the use of insurance if you can’t get it when you need it the most?

Also, all of us are proficient in the use of our smartphones and we are taking photos and videos all the time for daily dilemmas. So, self-inspection emulates habitual consumer behaviour and strikes a chord of convenience with the customers.

Btw, if you haven’t already guessed, let’s spill the beans. We were talking about ourselves. 😁 Digit’s car insurance offers self-inspection, the fastest time of completion being 10 to 11 minutes on average! Don’t believe us? We were happily surprised too when Mr. Gurvinder Singh told us this-

“One of the best digital insurance company. Quick insurance e-policy & spot inspection does take only a matter of 11 mins just few clicks and you get approval in 1 hr that’s very awesome thing. Best of luck Digit Insurance and proud to be part of this company!”

We were elated after seeing this!

But what really stands out as an important factor for a seamless experience is trust. We trust you, after all you trusted us with your money too. So, all we ask for are photos of the damage and a 360-degree video of your car. It not only eliminates unnecessary hassle for you but also omits redundant work for us and lets us help you better and faster.

So, self-inspection is a real game changer and can put away a lot of claim woes. And we at Digit are aiming at exactly that. Don’t we keep saying we love claims!



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