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What is a Pet Insurance?

“I don’t think my pet needs a Pet Insurance”

If you believe that, read on

pet health
Annual routine healthcare expenses such as vaccination, deworming, tick treatment and minor illnesses in the first year when you get a dog are estimated to be in the range of ₹6,000 - ₹10,000, and then an average of ₹5,000- ₹7,000 every year. (1)
expensive pet care
Initial expenses of parenting a dog (includes healthcare, grooming, food, accessories, and all other costs) can cost up to ₹54,700 while reoccurring expenses can cost up to ₹80,000 annually (i.e. ₹6500 per month). (2)
pet health
On an average, vet fees, cost of medicines, and vaccinations for a cat will cost you around ₹5,000 per year whereas, essential food items and grooming can cost you around ₹5,000 per month. (3)

Why would you need a Pet Insurance?

Ensure Fantastic Health

To ensure your furry baby gets the best treatment and healthcare whenever needed!

Protect your Savings

Veterinary expenses have been on a rise; a pet insurance ensures you never have to choose between your pet or wallet and ensures your furry baby is always covered for!

Because Accidents Happen

We know you take care of them the most, but in all their fun and play, accidents happen and we’re here to cover for just that!

Types of Pet Insurance Plans

cat gif

Cat Insurance

A cat insurance is a customized pet insurance policy to cover for your cat’s clumsy falls and bad health days. After all, veterinary costs are only rising and a cat insurance helps you protect your pocket from just that, whilst ensuring your cat stays in the pinkest of health.

dog gif

Dog Insurance

A dog insurance is a customized pet insurance policy to cover for your dog’s accidents in play and gloomy, bad health days. Dogs are one of the most loving pets, and a pet insurance for your dog ensures your loving pal will always be healthy, without it causing you any financial distress!

What are the benefits of a Pet Insurance?

Helps you stay financially secure

Financially secures protective pet parents like you when your pet is sick or is facing any medical condition, such as pregnancy complications, dental treatments, and insect borne diseases.

Get quality healthcare for your pet, always!

A pet insurance gives you the benefit of choosing what’s best for your pet’s health and wellbeing, rather than worrying about the hefty medical expenses behind them. Additionally, many plans also benefit you with annual health checkups, so your pet’s health is always top-notch!

Benefits you in times of other losses

Some pet insurance plans also benefit pet parents with special coverage benefits when your pet is unfortunately stolen, lost or causes damages to a third-party as well. 

Helps you cover for expensive treatments

Sometimes, unfortunately – even pets go through critical illnesses. Treatments for these can be extremely expensive. A pet insurance ensures you don’t have to worry about the same and can instead opt for the best treatment for your pet’s treatment and recovery.

Be prepared for any accidents that come your pet’s way

Accidents can literally happen anytime and a pet insurance for your pet can be your little savior for such times! 

Get overseas protection when you travel with your pet

Depending on your pet insurance plan, a pet insurance also helps benefit you when you’re traveling with your pet. This helps cover for any mishaps that may happen during your trip..

Tips to keep your pet healthy and happy

FAQs about Pet Health Insurance for Cat & Dogs