Goods and Services Tax in India (GST)

Why is GST important?

What is GST in India?

What are the types of GST in India?

What are the different GST rates on goods and services?

What is GST registration?

How to register for GST?

Documents for GST registration process online

How to apply for GST registration online?

How to calculate the GST amount?

What are the benefits of GST?

What is GST return?

All businesses have to file monthly, quarterly, or annual GST returns. You can file the GST returns online. A GST return is a document that contains the sales, purchase, expense, or income of every business or person with a GSTIN. This document is used by tax authorities to calculate the net tax liability. There are different GST return charges.

You can do the GST return filing online. 

GST helpline number and official details

1) You can call the GST Helpline Numbers, which are given below and contact the government authorities to help with GST filing.

Helpdesk Name

Phone Number(s)

GST Help Desk


Saksham Seva

1800-266-2232, 1800-121-4560

CBEC Mitra




2) Here are some of the key email contacts that you can contact for the filing of your GST.

Helpdesk Name

Email ID

GST Help Desk

Saksham Seva

CBEC Mitra



3) GST Self Service Portal

Under the Services→User Services section of the official GST portal, You can fill out the grievances in the form along with your details and complaint, which will then be addressed. 

In conclusion, GST is the tax change that has united the country under One Nation, One Tax. It has made the taxation system much simpler and has joined the country irrespective of the state into one tax regime that makes business easier and more manageable for day-to-day transactions. 

Hence get acquainted with the details of GST and make sure your business is compliant with all its mandates!


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