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Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance to Cover for Screen Damage Woes!

What’s great about Mobile Phone Insurance by Digit?

  • New & Used phones - Now mobile insurance for brand new phones as well as old/used ones.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered - Screen damages are the most common of all heartbreaks! All screen damages due to accidental or liquid damage are covered!
  • Low prices - Buy this mobile insurance cover at almost the cost of a Screen Guard!
  • Worldwide cover - Travel around the world worry-free. Our mobile insurance policy is valid everywhere.
  • IMEI linked cover - Whether you use the phone or your family or friend does, this mobile insurance policy will be valid for all. It is linked to the IMEI of the phone & not the user.
  • Reimburse up to Sum Insured - At the time of buying, we will show you an amount, called Sum Insured. Post claim approval, you can get your repair costs reimbursed up to your respective sum insured.

Mobile Insurance Plan for One Year

A mobile insurance by Digit for one complete year, to protect your phone against all the odds!

12 Months Cover

Until the next new model comes in, phones today at least stick around in our lives for a year, if not more. That's why our mobile insurance plan for 12 months is an ideal option to cover for your phone from all accidental slips and falls you may face during the year.

Buying is as easy as 1-2-3

Android Mobile phone


A quick 'Screen Test' of your phone

Download our app using this link. This will allow us to check for any internal or external damages on your mobile screen.








External Check


An External Video Check

Shoot and upload a video of the phone you want to insure using the link that will be sent to your alternate mobile number. You will also be required to self-declare some conditions to confirm your mobile doesn’t have any pre-existing damages and the video submitted is clear enough.








Phone Money transfer


Complete Payment

We’ll take your word for the self-declaration and your mobile insurance policy document will be emailed to you, as soon as you’ve completed your payment.

And, how to Claim for your Mobile Insurance?

  • Step 1 - Tell us about your heartbreak: Call us at 1800-258-5956 within 48 hours of the screen damage 
  • Step 2 - Online Self-Inspection: We will send you a link for a quick online self-inspection of your phone to determine the damages to the screen.
  • Step 3Repair your Phone: Once your claim is approved, you can get your phone repaired at any service center you like within 7 days of approval.
  • Step 4Get amount Reimbursed: Once you’ve got your phone repaired, share a video of your repaired phone and the respective bill (with GST invoice) with us so we can reimburse the amount (up to your sum insured) back to you.

What is Covered in Mobile Insurance by Digit?

New & Old Phones

It doesn’t matter if your phone is right out of its box or has been your companion for the past one year. We cover phones both old and new.

Accidental Screen Damage

Our online mobile insurance covers the most important part of your phone- its screen! We cover for all accidental screen damages- be it due to a clumsy fall or a liquid damage.  

Worldwide Coverage

It doesn’t matter which city, or continent your accidental screen damage takes place. We cover for your phone’s screen no matter where you’re off to.

IMEI Linked Cover

Whether you damaged your phone screen, or your sister did. No complaints. We cover for your phone no matter who is using it. This is because Digit’s mobile insurance is connected to the IMEI of your phone and not the person using it!  

Reimbursement Up to Sum Insured

We all have our personal preferences and we understand that. That’s why, we let you repair your phone wherever you want and we’ll reimburse the amount up to your Sum Insured.

What is not Covered?

Theft or Burglary

Unfortunately, our mobile insurance does not cover for your phone if it’s stolen or robbed. 

Liquid Damage

Unless it leads to screen damage, liquid damages won’t be covered under a mobile insurance by Digit.

Accessories Damage

Any damages caused to your mobile accessories won’t be covered for. 

Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown

Our mobile insurance doesn’t cover for mechanical or electrical breakdowns. However, these are generally already covered by your mobile phone warranty. 

Pre-Existing Damages

Pre-existing damages to your phone won’t be covered. This means, if your screen has already been damaged before buying our mobile insurance- we won't be able to issue a mobile insurance policy for your phone.

Phones with Screen guards

Unfortunately, we don’t cover for phones with screen guards. If you’d like to buy our mobile insurance, you’ll be required to remove your screen guard whilst taking our online self-inspection test. 

Benefits of Mobile Insurance by Digit

Secures your Mobile Screen

One of the most common damages our phones face is screen damage! After all, we’re all a little clumsy, aren’t we? Securing your phone with a mobile insurance ensures your damages will be covered for will look as good as new.

Covers your Phone Worldwide

With Digit’s Mobile Insurance, it doesn’t matter where your phone has been damaged. We cover for your phone worldwide. So if you damage your phone on vacation or enroute your favorite place; you can rest assured that your phone will always be covered! 

Protects you from Unexpected Expenses

Do you know it takes about 20% of your total phone’s cost to just repair your phone screen? A mobile insurance that comes at almost the cost of a screen guard can save you from such expenses by covering for your phone in case of any screen damages it is faced with!  

Mobile Insurance Premium for Popular Models

Phone Model

6 Months Plan (excl. GST)

Sum Insured

iPhone 11



iPhone XR



Pixel 3



OnePlus 7T



OnePlus 7



OnePlus 6T



Galaxy S7 Edge



Galaxy S10



Realme 5 Pro



Redmi Note 5 Pro



Poco F1



Redmi Note 7 pro



What our customers have to say about us

Nishant Tomar

It was a wonderful experience. Mr. Priyatosh Roy helped me in the whole process . I will recommend everyone to take the mobile screen insurance for their mobile.


The whole process of making a claim was really rapid and Mr. Priyatosh and Mr. Gautam made it all the more easy for me with time to time assistance via phone and email. They ensured my phone got repaired and I didn't have to pay for the parts. Thanks Digit insurance.

Raghav Mathur

Fantastic service. Mr priyatosh Roy helped me again to make my mobile repaired in very short time. As this was the second claim, really appreciate the effort of Mr Roy.

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Difference between Extended Warranty and Mobile Insurance

Extended Warranty

Mobile Insurance

A promise given by the manufacturer for an extended period (longer than what your mobile already comes with by default) that they will replace or repair your phone in case of a manufacturing defect.

An insurance policy dedicated to your mobile, that will protect and cover for your phone in the case of an accidental damage.

Only repairs manufacturing defects, such as overheating, internal damage, software bugs, etc.

Repairs screen damages caused due to an accidental damage (such as if you drop your phone and the screen breaks!) or any liquid damage leading to screen damage.

Can only be repaired by the manufacturer.

Can be repaired anywhere and everywhere. Your mobile insurance will cover for the cost of repair.

FAQs about Mobile Phone Insurance in India