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Samsung Mobile Insurance

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Samsung Mobile Insurance Made Simple!

Despite the increasing number of smartphone brands in India, Samsung has still been able to retain itself as one of India’s most preferred smartphone brand. Perhaps this comes from the fact that it not only provides budget friendly phones for all members in the demographic, but now also provides exclusive smartphones for the ones who prefer a little premiumness. Whether you’re looking at budget-friendly model that ranges from Rs 9,000 to Rs 20,000 or a higher end model that ranges between Rs 38,000 to even up to Rs 100,000! Samsung conveniently seeks to suit everyone. No matter which bracket you fall into, everyone’s phones ought to be protected with a Samsung mobile insurance. After all, it’s only human to protect for the things that we love.

What’s great about Digit’s Samsung Mobile Insurance?

  • New & Used phones - Now insurance for brand new Samsung phones as well as old/used ones.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered - Screen damages are the most common of all heartbreaks! All screen damages due to accidental or liquid damage are covered!
  • Low prices - Buy this cover at almost the cost of a Screen Guard!
  • Worldwide cover - Travel around the world worry-free. Our insurance is valid everywhere.
  • IMEI linked cover - Whether you use the phone or your family or friend does, this insurance will be valid for all. It is linked to the IMEI of the phone & not the user.
  • Upfront cash for repair - At the time of buying, we will show you an amount, called Sum Insured. Post claim approval, you get the full amount, upfront.

Samsung Mobile Insurance Plans that fit your needs

We have primarily two Samsung mobile insurance plans to choose from, depending on how long you plan to use it for!

6 months cover

If you’re planning to change your mobile soon and do not want a long-term commitment, get a mobile insurance for 6 months only.

12 months cover

If you’ve just got a new phone or plan on using your current one for another one year, it’s wise to get a mobile insurance for up to 12 months. 

Buying is as easy as 1‑2‑3

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A quick ‘Screen Test’ of your phone

Download our app using this link. This will allow us to check for any internal damages in your mobile screen.


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An External Video Check

Shoot and upload a video of the phone you want to insure using the link that will be sent to your alternate mobile number. This will allow us to check for any external damages to your phone.


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Complete Payment Process

Make the required payment for the plan chosen. Once the screen tests are confirmed, we’ll send you your policy via email!

And, how to claim for your mobile insurance?

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Tell us about your heartbreak or screen break!

Drop a call at 1800‑258‑5956


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Help us, Help you

We will assess your mobile phone using an app. Don’t worry we will make it as easy as possible.


Claim Approved


Your Phone, Your Choice

We give you your sum insured in cash upfront so that you can repair your mobile phone at any service center you like!

Popular Samsung Mobile Models in India

Samsung being one of the most popular mobile phones, with a wide range to choose from- Digit currently offers protection and coverage for the following models so far:

Samsung phones under Rs 15,000

Samsung phones under Rs 30,000

Samsung phones under Rs 30,000

Samsung Galaxy J6

Samsung A6+

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt

Samsung A8+

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung C7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Samsung C9 Pro

Samsung Note 8

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro AG

Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017 Edition)

Samsung J3 Pro

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