Travel claims faster than supersonic airplanes.

Featured 14th Jan-2022

Our travel insurance claims that are superfast ‘n’ super easy!  It’s no wonder, we are one of the fastest insurance companies to cross the milestone of 10,000 claims in less than a year of operation. And here are our Claim Settlement Turn Around Time numbers for Travel Insurance.

You can find out how we performed in our claims by going through our report card.

Our calim settement numbers speak for both domestic and international travels. Wondering how we achieved them? Here’s how:

Automated Claim Registration- At Digit, we are all for punctuality. If your flight is delayed by a second more than 75 minutes, we’ll personally intimate you with an SMS that includes a link. All you need to do is click on that link and take a snapshot of your boarding pass. Rest assured you’ll receive 100% of your insured claim amount for your travel insurance within 24 hours flat. We know that a flight delay is anyway stressful, we don't want you to stress anymore in claiming for your Travel Insurance.

Smartphone-enabled claims process: You don't have to run around for any  paperwork. Just upload your documents when you make a claim for your travel insurance. This not only offers convenience but also speeds up the claim process!

Flat Benefits: We know what you are going through in case of a mishap during your travels. In such times, it feels betrayed if you have to scrouge for bills to claim for your travel insurance. We understand this, and thus offers a flat cash benefit. For instance, If you lose your baggage at the airport,  all you have to do is share a letter stating the same given to you by the airport authorities and we’ve got you covered.

A missed call to claim it all- If you are on an international trip, to log in any emergency back home a lot of money has to be spent on ISD calls. We understood this pain and intoduced a Worldwide Missed Call Facility for our travel insurance plan.

Whatever your emergency may be, from a mundane reason to medical emergency, rest assured we have your backs covered. All you need to do is give us a missed call and we’ll call you back in 10 minutes flat and make your entire claim process simple and swift. 

In short, we bet that no one can get you a quicker Turn Around Time of 94.7% in 15 days, to settle your claims. To know how fast we can get, let the numbers speak.

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Source: Graph based on internal data computed from Oct 2017 to 31 Oct, 2018.