Here's why you need a health insurance

Featured 25th Jan-2022

Here's why you need a health insurance

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In India, only 44% of the population have health insurance. Surprised? Well, so are we! This blog will help you understand the importance and need for health insurance and how one should pick the right health insurance.

The below scenarios will help paint a better picture for you…

Scenario 1: Rohit is a carefree young man in his mid-20s. He isn’t married and doesn’t have any major responsibilities in life yet. He earns well for his age and he also invests in mutual funds to save for the future. He cycles regularly and plays football to keep himself fit. His parents have been telling him to take health insurance but like most people his age, he keeps putting it off. “I’m young and healthy, why do I need health insurance” is his reply. At best, he might be affected by some common ailment and who requires health insurance for that? 

One day, Rohit is on his way to the office when a rash cab driver causes him to brake suddenly. He suffers a fall. Luckily, he isn’t hurt seriously as he was wearing a helmet. He suffers a fracture and some bruising and needs to be admitted to the hospital for a day, just for observation. 

When he is discharged the next day, the hospital bill shocks him! He can afford it, but he also realizes that if he had to spend more time at the hospital, paying the bills would have dug a deep hole into his savings. 

Scenario 2: Amrita is in her early 30s and works in a start-up. The timings are erratic, and this means she sometimes eats at unearthly hours. For a couple of weeks, she has been having stomach pain, but she attributes it to her erratic work hours and untimely eating.

One day, she decides to see a doctor and much to her shock, she is told that she needs to have her appendix removed. It is not a major procedure, but she needs to be admitted to the hospital. Though she doesn’t have any health insurance, she asks her office if the health insurance offered by them will cover the surgery. Much to her relief, it does. She also realizes that if she didn’t have that cover, she would have had to spend from her pocket, causing a dent in her savings. 

These are just two fictional case scenarios but entirely possible ones. 

The thing with health insurance is that you never know when you need it. Seldom do medical emergencies come with a warning like

An unexpected diagnosis!

An accident!

A child takes ill!

An urgent surgery!

Any of these can affect us. 

Medical expenses can drain our savings much quicker than we expect. Tests, medications, consultations, all of these increase costs. 

Health Insurance is a buffer against life’s uncertainties. 

The premium for health insurance depends on a person’s age and habits and how much cover they want. 

There are also many health insurance policies that cater to specific ailments. 

Health insurance isn’t an expense. It’s an investment and should be treated like one. 


Presenting Digit’s Health Insurance Product Digit Health Care Plus!

Well… our health plans are curated by doctors and can be customised to meet your specific needs. The policy documents are also simplified by kids so that everyone can understand.

Apart from that, here are a few other great benefits we offer:

a) Additional Sum insured benefit – A unique benefit that ensures that you will never run out of insurance money if you have exhausted a part of your sum assured.

b) No claim bonus – Didn’t claim anything? Use that to your benefit when you renew your insurance. 

c) 2x sum insured – If you have exhausted your sum assured before the particular time frame for that policy, the same amount will be added to your policy to ensure that you are always protected.

d) Lower premium for non-metro cities – A policy that is affordable to everyone.

So make sure you get yourself the right health insurance policy in time because who knows, Time par kaam aayega!

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