Being a mother also means taking care of yourself!

Featured 11th-May-2022

Let’s start by wishing all the wonderful mom’s out there, ‘Safe Motherhood Day’. There is no better, loved person than a mother!

But let us admit, that mothers are always subjected to a lot of pressure. To take care of the baby while they are pregnant, to take care of the baby after it's born and not to mention the zillion other things that they do, including balancing professional and personal life. And doing all this, they hardly take care of themselves. Rather they feel guilty of doing so.

But today let us break that thought and tell them, hey mom it is your right to take care of yourself and the baby equally!

To point out on what moms should do to keep themselves fit and fine, we have put up a list of things that they should do, conditions that they face, and the kind of special care that they should take.

Here are some of the most common and also the most neglected things that mothers do, to keep themselves physically and mentally happy. 

·      Don’t skip breakfast

·      Eat right

·      Exercise regularly

·      Stay hydrated

·      Get enough sleep

·      Find some ‘me time’

Right after pregnancy, there is a condition which is not spoken about too much, however it can have a very impactful effect on new mothers. This is called Postpartum depression.

So, what is Postpartum depression:

Having a baby is great, but there is this often unexplored and overlooked aspect in pregnant mothers which affects them shortly before or soon after child birth. Women often feel depressed after having a baby and if this is lasting for more than two weeks it probably is postpartum depression (PPD). But less than 20% of women are aware of this and consult a doctor.

Having trouble sleeping, being overly emotional and inability to concentrate are all manifestations of PPD. This is because there is a ton of emotional, hormonal and physical changes happening simultaneously.

You are a mom after all, so here are some extra precautions you should take to keep stress at bay, so that you are as energetic as your kids! 😊

Also most of the time mothers are so engrossed in taking care of their kid's nutrition that they forget their own. 

So, here’s a list of deficiencies that you are most likely to be prone to and what you should be doing about it:


What it does?

Where it is found?


Anaemia, Increased risk of maternal mortality, premature birth, low energy

Spinach, Tomato, Kale, Green Peas, Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Walnuts, Chickpeas, Figs, Legumes and Lentils, Red Meat, Egg Yolk


Influences occurrences of cancer especially stomach and breast, spontaneous abortions, impaired mental function, hyperthyroidism

Yogurt, Eggs, Tuna, Baked Potato, Cranberries, Strawberries, sea salt

Vitamin D

Osteomalacia, muscle weakness, increased risk of fractures

Mushroom, milk, butter, egg yolk, yogurt, cereals, cheese

Vitamin B12

Loss of balance, dementia, spinal cord degeneration, pernicious anaemia

Crab, cheese, chicken, milk, red meat, almonds, fish


Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, muscle cramps, irritability, acute anxiety, colon cancer risk

Diary, Cabbage, Wheat flour, cabbage, dark leafy greens,

So, here’s a heads-up to keep yourself in the best of health.

This is to all the lovely Super Mom’s out there: Today take care of yourself before you take care of the world. And if you know a Super Mom pass the message! :D