An insurance understood by 15-year-olds

Featured 24 Jun 2017

Insurance documents that even 15-year olds understand. No kidding!

“Indemnity”, “Rider”, “Compensation”, “Omission”. These words are a mouthful, especially if you’ve had a brush with them in the context of insurance.

We quite understand that to an average insurance-policy buyer, the lingo of insurance has always been that of complex words, incomprehensible jargon and conditions that apply just when they aren’t necessary.

Stepping into the shoes of the average insurance policy buyer (who probably doesn’t move around with a dictionary in hand), Digit has set out to make insurance simple; very simple, actually.

And how are we doing that? Well, by busting the jargon and simplifying the very language of insurance.

Honestly, we’ve been doing a lot of research and that has helped us to understand the pain-points of consumers and the reasons for their displeasure with insurance companies. It’s what we term as an ‘InsuRant’. Considering this, we’ve been constantly working to ‘make insurance simple’.

And hey, you know what, Digit has simplified its insurance summary documents such that even 15-year olds can understand. (Think we are making a claim? J)! No, really, we put our documents through a test of comprehension, a ‘torture test’ of sorts.

We conducted a simple research with our documents. We invited kids in the age-group of 8 to 15 years over to our office and handed them the simplified Digit insurance summary documents. We got them to spend some time with the documents, and then asked a few questions.

Now here’s a little about our simplified insurance summary documents. We’ve added Digit translations where we couldn’t do away with legal words. We kept the ‘what’s not covered’ section just as big and bold as ‘what’s covered’.

Like we said, the simplified language of our insurance documents passed the test with the 15-year olds. Mmmm, but not really with the younger bunch of kids though.

While on the mission, we are constantly finding ways to simplify the language of insurance. We have this interesting tool we call ‘ELI15’ or Explain Like I’m Fifteen, which is explaining a complex insurance term like one would explain to a 15-year old.

We really would like to make insurance and our customers’ interactions with it, simple and easy. After all, their insurance policy should help them when they need it most.

So you see, we are simplifying our insurance documents such that even 15-year olds can read, comprehend, and be able to explain to their elders if a need arises. Because we believe, that simplicity is the best policy!