How to Keep Your Car Safe in Bumper to Bumper Traffic

Featured 11th-May-2022

When traffic becomes a major obstacle to your daily commute, it tends to become extremely stressful. This can directly impact your performance on the road as the strain will break your attention from following traffic safety rules. Hence, you need to be extra alert towards your surroundings to ensure car safety in heavy traffic.

How to make your car traffic-safe

  • Have your brakes inspected regularly to ensure that they are not worn down.
  • Make sure that the brake lights and the parking brake light are working.
  • Adjust your rear-view and side mirrors before driving.

How to plan your drive to keep your car safe

  • Make sure you’re well-rested before a drive.
  • Check the road and weather conditions in advance to prevent mishaps.
  • Start your journey with extra time in hand.
  • Be prepared for road works and diversions to avoid frustrations.
  • Use online maps that reveal heavily congested areas to avoid on your route.
  • Be aware of alternative routes to your destination.

Traffic driving guidelines to keep your car safe in bumper-to-bumper traffic

  • Look out for any dangers on the road.
  • Pay attention to the brake lights of the car ahead to know when it stops.
  • Avoid any distractions such as your cell phone or loud music.
  • Always convey your driving intentions with hand signals and indicators.
  • Keep checking your mirrors for possible dangers.
  • Be wary of the different vehicles and situations around your car.
  • Maintain a safe braking distance in traffic to avoid any kind of mishap.

Importance of maintaining the stopping distance in traffic

The ideal car stopping distance from the car ahead is of 4 seconds. Let us understand why following the stopping distance in traffic is important:

  • Gives the driver ample response time to slow down.
  • The driver will have time to react to sudden braking by the cars ahead of them.
  • Frequent braking and rear-end collisions can be avoided.

How car insurance cover can save your day

Cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic are more prone to accidents than any other. Having car insurance in hand can save you from unforeseen incidents caused due to negligence of traffic safety rules.

Car insurance will help you deal with the accidental damage caused to your car and also if there are any third-party losses. 

Owning a comprehensive car insurance policy is one important way to protect your vehicle from damage and road rage!

So, don't forget to protect your car with a car insurance policy!