Bought a new car this Diwali? Don’t forget to buy car insurance too!

Featured 10th May 2022

Bought a new car this Diwali? Don’t forget to buy car insurance too!

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In the year 2014, a vehicle was stolen every 24 minutes in India. More than four vehicles are stolen every hour in the national capital, according to the statistics shared by  Delhi Police. These numbers are seen to rise during the festive season.

It is that time of the year when our houses are shining with lights around and the sound of firecrackers have lifted our spirits sky high.

Diwali is arguably the most loved Indian festival of the calendar year and it gives us many reasons to cherish this time of the year. One of them is ‘attractive’ offers on shopping across all commodities, including automobiles. Scores of Indians buy four-wheelers on Diwali.

For some, it may be an addition to their existing set of vehicles and for others the dream of finally owning their first car, and what an amazing feeling that is!

But you know who else will be excited about people purchasing cars? The very efficient section of car thieves in India. It’s a lip-smacking time for them and why will it not be?

The more vehicles people buy, more are the opportunities for  thieves to increase their act of plundering, thereby making this a festive season for them too!

However, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. So, here are a few simple and effective practices that could decrease the chance of your car being stolen:.

1. Make sure you double-check and ensure that all the  doors of your vehicle are locked. You wouldn’t want  to  make thievery that easy now, would you

2. Try parking your vehicle in a paid parking lot where     security guards are stationed to keep an eye on the     bay. Trust us, this parking expenditure in a secured       area is nothing compared to the loss of losing your   car.

3. Invest in an alarm system which will notify you in case your car is being tampered with.

4. Avoid leaving valuables in the car. Leaving your valuables in the car is like offering it to  thieves on a platter, as they become the cherry on the cake.

5. Keep track of your keys and never lose them. If you have lost even one key to the car, then you are creating better odds for your car getting stolen and doing their work for them.

But there are situations where despite taking care of all the above-mentioned points, the thieves somehow manage to get the better of you and steal your car ☹.  Fortunately, there is still a way to minimize your loss. And that’s by taking a car insurance.

Car insurance is an extra layer of protection that you can give your car, so if unfortunately, you cannot save it from getting stolen, you can at least recover it. And car insurance not only helps during theft, but also for any damage that your car might suffer, or even if it breakdowns miles away from your city. But don’t forget to take the ‘Return to Invoice’ (RTI) addon with it.  Here’s why!

Return to Invoice or RTI is an addon that ensures that you get the invoice value or on-road price of your car, if by chance it gets stolen or totally damaged. Without RTI, the maximum amount of claim you can make is restricted to its Insured Declared Value or IDV. And the IDV is lesser than the invoice value of your car because of depreciation that happens over the years.

RTI ensures that if your new car gets stolen, you not only get the ex-showroom price you bought it for, but also the road tax and the registration charges. All these components make up the on-road price. Digit Car Insurance offers a Return to Invoice addon too, so in case of a theft or total loss, we offer the ex-showroom price or if the model is discontinued, then the last invoice price of the model.

So, this Diwali your new car deserves a gift too – the gift of protection, or car insurance!