30 First Dates — At my company

Featured 03 Jul 2017

Just like in any relationship, the first days in a new job, esp. if it’s your first, are the teething period. One is full of expectations and fears, both in the same part of the heart. Which is a lethal combination by the way! So began my journey at Digit.

New-to-IT trainee guy, that’s me and full of IT stalwarts, that’s Digit. But our love story has been great till now. I’ll tell you why. 6 things, that deepened our bond.

IT atmos-fear!

I know a lot of techies outside of office and always felt that as much as they have a capability to simplify stuff, they have an ability to complicate things as well. But here, I felt people were different, with a common goal to drive ‘simplicity’, they all made me feel at home. Pheww!

A clap goes a long way

Working in one corner of the office, often people around don’t realize the passion one is putting behind every small thing one does at work. But when you are lauded and applauded by the management, it is like your cupcake reward at the end of a hard work day! Somehow feel, this is even bigger than cash bonuses.

No levels or filters

It is simple here, have a concern, share it with the person directly, no gatekeeping is encouraged, which is awesome!

When the last man is involved

As a trainee, one often misses what goes behind the boardroom walls. But as we have a glass-door policy, we are involved in management meetings as well. This way, nobody missed the bigger picture and of course, one feels more involved! This is quite a point of envy when I meet my other trainee friends working at other companies.

R&D in the house

No, this is no DJ ? I am referring to how a company thinks about research. Most companies allot the most intellectual of the lot to do ‘research’ but at Digit the philosophy is, ‘Have a question or hypothesis, test it out’. Not only does it open up one’s mind but adds to the pool of knowledge for the whole company, I hope so!

My manager, no my Executive Director!, is noticing me

Who thinks such a senior person would be noticing a trainee’s work. But boy, I’ve been lucky, with Philip, our Executive Director, actually boosting me up and encouraging me to share any technical problem with him, without any hesitation.

This feels like a dream till now. And I hope this stays this way!