An entrepreneur who knew when to shut shop and move on

Featured 24 Jun 2017

When it is your baby, you can’t just let it go!

This was the feeling I was tussling with, when I felt my venture was not going the way I had envisioned to be.

A few years ago, I had started my own venture. At the beginning, I with my team, were full of gusto to make it big. However, the strain of running a venture alone i.e. managing the staff, the money, the orders, customer satisfaction, and everything else that makes a business successful, all exerted me tremendously. I was stretched to a breaking point!


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All entrepreneurs would relate to this feeling for sure which is choosing between dragging your feet or moving on. I chose the latter. It was a tough call but I haven’t regretted the choice. Why? Because had it not been for that choice, I wouldn’t have encountered the biggest opportunity that was in the ether for me.

People change their jobs for various reasons; money, location, future, the job role. But for me, after having moved cities several times in the past, I figured it is the people who really make or break a place.

So, when I came across an opportunity at Digit, an organization which can qualify as a startup from the point of view that it is full of people with an entrepreneurial mindset, it rekindled the entrepreneur in me, again!

Here are 5 things that excited me to work in its culture

  1. Ownership

Even though I dissolved my venture, the bug of ownership stayed with me. Digit too encourages this trait, which is why they have a tighter team for all departments, each person owning and being answerable for their work.

  1. High energy

You would agree that energy is contagious, esp. if it is lazy and negative. That I wanted to avoid. But here I just met smiling faces, heard passionate discussions and felt an enthusiastic vibe.

  1. Likeminded people

Spending almost 70% of your week at the workplace, you can’t have your colleagues on different planes. Here, I found that people were not stuck by conventions, they were ready to explore, to change, to do things differently.

  1. Collaborative environment

It takes more than one person to bear the pressures of a new business aiming to change how things are done. Here, when one person begins to feel the stretch, the team joins hands to make that stretch manageable.

  1. Unified vision

A party can’t reach their destination with its people on different roads. Each employee here has a unified leadership vision that keeps us aligned. Would credit this to the founder though, the sailor who wants the ship together needs to anchor well.

So, where am I right now? In Bengaluru, exploring parts of the city despite the massive traffic issues, sampling the gastronomic delights and spirits of this city. But what wakes me up every morning is the excitement to get to my haven, where my cup, thirsty for new challenges, is filled up to the brim. I may not have taken my venture to its goalpost but I hope I can ride together to a new one