We love claims

Featured 24 Jun 2017

It’s time we cut time.

You know what’s the worst part about making a claim? THE WAITING! That arduous, uncertain period of time between you submitting your case, and your insurance company responding with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. We have all been through the ordeal, and we have all resigned to the bitter fact that there’s nothing you can do to change status quo.

Well, we decided we can. And we did.

Digit Insurance works on a simple philosophy – we keep things simple. And We Love Claims! Because, let’s face it, if an insurance company doesn’t, who will?

We have been proclaiming our love for claims for a while. But they are not just empty words, we put our money where our mouth is. So, here’s the proof of the pudding.

It’s the kind of trailblazing speed race car drivers dream of. We wouldn’t want to blow our own trumpet, but blazing trails has become a habit for us.

About 87% of our claims are approved within 24 hours!

Here’s how we managed to deliver superfast claims.

The easy way out

When you make a claim, the first thing we do is NOT make you jump through hoops. We start with the most human of all instincts – We Trust You. Because you started it – by trusting us with your money. And we’re not just saying, we LIVE it. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

No forms

You don’t have to fill any forms to register your claim. Just call us, and we will do it for you – we call it Audio Claims 😊.

No waiting

You don’t have to wait for a third-party inspection, which may take days. Just do a quick self-survey using your smartphone camera by clicking pictures of the damage and send it to us. That’s it, your inspection is done in minutes!

No hard-copies

We don’t ask you for hard copies. That relic of archaic insurance is best buried in the past. We live true to our name and make everything ‘digital’. Which means, for any documentation or proof, just send us a soft-copy over email.

No holidays

We understand that tough times don’t schedule appointments, they can come anytime. Which is why our Customer Care works 24x7, even on national holidays, making sure your claims are approved faster.

In a nutshell, we have rid the claims process of unwanted baggage. So that it’s smarter, sharper and faster.  We believe these small steps will go a long way in making insurance simple and claims faster.