Working out a healthy father-kid relationship

Featured 20th Jul 2018

It’s Father’s Day! The right time to bond with your kid.

We know there’s nothing more important for you than your family’s well-being. But take a moment to consider what they worry about. Just like you care about your kid’s health, they too are concerned about yours.

So, here’s a reverse gift you can give them on Father’s Day. Show them how committed you are to your fitness by starting a health regime. It will not only lead to a healthy, hearty you but also dispel the fears your family might have.

Now, decades of New Year resolutions have taught us that joining a gym is a promise that’s destined to be broken. Instead, may we suggest something more fun – like finding daily activities that can turn into physical workouts! Of course, like a good dad, you don’t want to leave your kids out of all the fun.

So, here’s a list of things you can do during your daily routine with your kid that will be easy to perform and fun to do together!

Replace TV time with boogying time

It’s easy to reach out for the remote in your free time at home. Instead, when you are back home, why not switch on your music system, scroll to your favourite playlist, and pump up the volume. Then call your kid to join you as match steps and set the dance floor on fire together.

Run the dog

Your dog’s walking time doesn’t have to be a quiet stroll. Take it for a little jog along with your kid, and you have hit two birds with a stone.

Play ball

Weekends need not be about screen time. A pre-lunch bout of football or cricket in the terrace or the road infront of your house, if possible, is all it takes to sweat it out.

Race to the top

When you’re back from shopping, instead of the elevator, take the stairs. And to make things competitive, race with your kid to the top. You might lose the contest, but your heart will thank you later.

Do chores

Mopping the floor, doing the dishes, dusting the fans – everyday chores are more fun when you have a little helper by your side. Get your kid to assist you when you decide to clean up the house.

Workout together

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a good workout. Pick a few simple drills that you kid can do with you, and then work out together.

We are sure you can think of a million other ways to get into the fitness groove with your kid. So, go ahead, get creative and get healthy while spending quality time with your kid. Turns out, exercising was child’s play after all. (It’s Father’s Day, so we’re allowed to make dad jokes).

Ok, that was all about you and your kid’s health. But we know that in these testing times, you’re probably anxious about your own father’s health. Especially if he lives in another city. We understand it’s a tough situation to be in, but there are ways you can be assured.

  • Call him regularly: Conversations are important to stay positive. Ask him about his health, his routine. Talk about your favourite shows. 
  • Talk about precautions: Ask him if he is always wearing a mask when he goes out. Tell him about the importance of social distancing. 
  • Check-in with friends: Call your friends or family who stay in the same city, and ask them to check on him regularly, if he needs something to be delivered or buy groceries. The less he steps out himself, the better.

This year let’s celebrate Father’s Day with a little precaution, a little empathy, and a lot of optimism.