Bike maintenance Tips for Indian Cyclists

Featured 14th Jan-2022

Last week, we had done a piece on Bicycle Insurance and the benefits it has for Indian Cyclists.

But just as your bicycle keeps you in perfect shape, happy and healthy, your bicycle too needs some love and care to keep it  in shape, happy and healthy. Reciprocity, anyone?

Here are Top 9 Bicycle Maintenance tips for Indian Cyclists to ensure that your bicycle is always kept in the pink of health and runs as good as new. Always!

#1 Clean your bicycle. Thoroughly.

Don’t get lazy and just give your bicycle a sponge bath! Superficial cleaning is of no good.

- Use a soft cloth and some soap water to give your bicycle a thorough bath. Some nooks and corners of the most vital parts of your bicycle may be a little hard to reach-like the spokes, chain and sprocket etc.

- Make no excuses, use a tooth brush to clean these parts. A little kerosene would also help to take that stubborn grease and grime off.

#2 Inflate your tyres. Properly.

The amount of air that needs to be inflated into your tyres differs from bicycle to bicycle and tyre to tyre. For example, the amount of air inflated into a trails bicycle will differ from a street bicycle.

So, ensure the tyres are inflated to the right amount. An over inflated tyre is prone to burst, while an under inflated tyre is prone to get punctured. A properly inflated tyre promises you a comfortable ride, and not to mention a longer tyre life.

#3 Check your brakes. Repeatedly.

Your brakes are a vital part of your bicycle maintenance and safety. You just can’t afford to make any compromises here!

Most modern bicycles come with disc brakes. So, ensure that you replace worn brake pads, and the brake lines are properly ‘bled’ to provide efficient braking to safely manoeuvre around unexpected corners and obstacles.

#4 Check your wheel alignment. Attentively.

Over a period, depending on the use of your bicycle, your wheels and spokes tend to bend, causing your bike to ‘wobble’ even in a straight line.

The problem becomes worse when you are going around a corner, making it even harder to balance properly. It’s best to get your wheels balanced or ‘trued’ at your friendly neighbourhood cycle mechanic.

#5 Check your Chain & Sprocket. Especially.

- Ensure that the bicycle chain has the right tension and is well lubricated.

- Also ensure that the sprocket ‘teeth’ are not worn, if not they could cause ‘chain slippage’. Though it takes a really long time to wear out, there are chances that your chain and sprocket have done their duty.

- Replace them, and you won’t have any trouble, well, for a really long time to come!

#6 Check all the cables. Carefully.

Make sure all the cables of your bike are well lubricated.

Over age, cables tend to get hard and develop cracks resulting in excess friction and even breakage of the cable. Prevention is always better than cure. So, if you do notice cracks or stiffness in any cables on your bicycle, it’s best to replace them.

#7 Check your seat comfort. Comfortably.

It doesn’t take time to realize that your seat is worn out! After all, you are the one who’s sitting on it right! Unless you fancy a saddle sore. Instead of taking the pain, literally, of replacing the sponge and cover of your old seat, you’d rather buy a new one. It will only cost you a few rupees more, and well worth it.

#8 Check with a professional mechanic. Yearly.
Just as your doctor would suggest an annual or bi-annual health check-up to ensure that your health is well-maintained, same goes for your bicycle's maintenance.

We suggest it’s best to get professional advice on the overall condition of your bicycle once a year at least. That way you won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that your bicycle remains as good as new!

#9 Lubricate your bicycle’s moving parts. Liberally.

Last but not the least, and probably the most important thing to do for bicycle maintenance! Always ensure that ‘all’ the moving parts of your bicycle are well lubricated to ensure a smooth and safe ride!

We are not done yet! Hope you've taken Bicycle Insurance? Well that’s the most important accessory that can help keep your bicycle is well taken care of! Now if you are wondering where to get it, do check our partners Dr. Cycle and Scott Sports India!

Bicycle care and maintenance check list done! Go ahead and ride off in to the horizon. Happily! 😊