For those wonderful trips, here are some handy tips!

Featured 14th Jan-2022

The wind in hair, the breath-taking views, the mouth-watering street food…yum, yum, yum. Yep! It’s that time of the year where we go tripping! In all the excitement there might be a few things that gets overlooked. But have no fear mon frère! Here are a few tips to keep the wind in your sails and have you smooth sailing through the grey waters of trip planning!

Initial thoughts: The first thing to decide, even before thinking about a destination, is your travel goal. Are you travelling for adventure-Skiing in Switzerland, maybe😊! Is it sightseeing-Fancy Edinburgh and its majestic castle😊! Or maybe perhaps a romantic getaway-Le Paris, the city of love😉!

Once the travel goal is settled, start looking for the destination.

Wander lusting: Research has become so easy, thanks to Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn for the internet. Check out the tourist hot spots online. Look at other people’s itineraries and travel blogs to get an idea on the must-sees and must-haves.

Fix your budget: But give lot of room for miscellaneous expenses that could pop-up without warning. After all, you don’t want to be binge watching Netflix in your hotel room in Paris because you ran out of money, do you ☹!

Decide on whether it’s the night life or touring during the day that you are interested in. Or maybe even dive in for a bit of both. Because the more time spent outdoors would mean less time spend indoors. So, you don’t really need an expensive luxury suite if you are going to stay outdoors most of the time, and vice versa.

Mode of transport: Based on the duration of your journey book your flights at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid surge in prices. If you plan to drive, you might want to get an international driving license and also an international motor insurance. This can be attained quickly for a small fee in most countries, although it is always better to read a bit on it.

Fix a time frame: Apart from the duration of your overall vacation, decide on the amount of time spent at each location. If you are having an open-ended trip without agendas book the accommodation for the day of arrival and the day before return.

Get your documents in order: Remember to get your visa and paperwork done. Some countries allow you to get one on arrival.  Also don’t forget to take a copy of all your documents and upload it online. You may even give a copy of it to your close relative so that he/she can send it over to you in case you need it.  

Don’t over plan: As a thumb rule, for any given location, spend at least 3 days and don’t make more than 3 plans for a day. Travelling is tiring and you’ll need plenty of time to rest and sleep.

Plan for emergencies: And the last but the most important part of trip planning is planning for any emergency that might prop. If you are ready for it, your trip still doesn’t go for a complete toss. And taking a travel insurance policy is one important part of it. So research on the kinds of policies and coverages you would require and buy it well in advance, so you know get time to know what you are exactly covered for.

So, go ahead, unleash the globe-trotter in you, backed by our trippy travel tips😊!