Turbulence at the airport: Travel Insurance has your back!

Featured 14th Jan-2022

If you thought you had issues while getting to the airport. Just wait till you get there!

Let’s face it, getting to the airport on time can be a really stressful affair! From your cab driver taking his own sweet time to pick you up, to the infamous traffic jams that moves at a snail’s pace, to a road that was uber smooth the previous day, being dug up for no rhyme or reason! And, all this for some reason, had to happen right on the day of your travel!

Anyways, besides it all, you actually do make it to the airport on time😊! Great, now you can thank your lucky stars and breathe a sigh of relief😊!

All that’s left to do is catch your flight to your dream destination. After all what else could go wrong, right? Wrong!

There are plenty of things that could go wrong in the airport itself. In fact, sometimes they could go so wrong that you may have to cancel/delay your trip! Lest we mention, your dream destination will remain a dream☹!

So, here’s a heads up on common glitches that you could face at the airport before your flight:

Carrying more baggage than you are allowed to?

All flights have a cap on the weight of the baggage that you are carrying, and many a times we tend to overpack. It’s best to weigh your baggage at home before you head to the airport. For, if your baggage is overweight, you may land up shelling out some extra money for that extra weight. And, if your baggage is ‘way’ overweight, you may have to leave some behind! Not a great idea, right! That’s why we suggest you carry only your travel essentials.

Waiting at the wrong terminal?

Probably the biggest mistake you can make at the airport. Well, while you might wonder how one could make such a mistake, you won’t believe it’s a pretty common one at that! Be it out of ignorance, being mislead or out of sheer absentmindedness, there is a good chance that you might be standing at the wrong flight terminal. First time flyers are more prone to make such mistakes, but nevertheless always crosscheck to ensure that you are in your flight terminal.

While none of the above scenarios are covered by Travel Insurance, thankfully the ones below are. Yet a couple of more advantages of having a good Travel Insurance policy😊!

Your flight got delayed?

You reached the airport on time. In fact, you reached way earlier than you expected to, despite all the hiccups on the way to the airport! And just as you are starting to feel proud of your major accomplishment, you are intimated that your flight has been delayed by two hours! So much so for getting to the airport early☹! Now what?

The best you can do is grab some refreshments and maybe a book to read, right! Sounds like a good idea, but that calls for an unwanted expense that adds to your already tight travel budget! But not to fret, in such situations Travel Insurance will cover a certain amount of the expenditure borne by you during a delayed flight. 😊!

With Digit’s Travel Policy, if you are flight is delayed by 75 minutes you get a flat benefit of Rs.2000! No questions asked!

Missed your connecting flight?

No, we’re not blaming you for this one😊! At times, a delayed flight could be further delayed owing to things such are rough weather, technical issues et al.! In such situations it’s likely that your connecting flight would have taken off even before you reach your layover! While the airlines would take care of the ticket expenses for the next connecting flight, your Insurance Company will take care of all your layover expenses, ensuring that you don’t lose a single penny from your pocket😊!

Note: If your layover exceeds 8 hours or more, we strongly suggest that you get yourself a Transit Visa this gives you to the liberty to venture out into the country where you are spending your layover!

Rather do a bit of sightseeing in a place that wasn’t even on your holiday itinerary, than get bored out of your wits waiting at the airport lounge right😊!

So, now that we’ve given you a heads-up, rest assured head away to your dream destination sans any glitches😊!