Pre-travel glitches: And how your Travel Insurance helps tackle them

Featured 14th Jan-2022

For, fortunetellers don’t exist!

If only we could predict the future, life would have been none short of perfect, right😊! For, there are umpteen number of things that are unpredictable in life. One of which is travel!

Let’s add, that even before we start our journey, a lot of us have faced issues of sorts, where our only option is to cancel our trip all together! We pray that never happens to you though ☹

So, here’s a list of common ‘unpredictable’ pre-travel glitches that can take a toll on your trip, and also what you can do in such situations.

Any medical emergency

What if you or your travel partner suddenly fall seriously ill on the day of your journey? Well, you needn’t even fall seriously ill, for a bad case of food poisoning is enough to make the trip impossible!

Well in such a situation, having a Travel Insurance is the best decision you would have made. Your travel insurance will refund all your pre-booked, non-refundable expenses like your flight tickets, hotel bookings and any other expenses.

However, if you had to cancel your trip for a medical condition that you were aware of or a treatment schedule that you knew could fall during your travel date, well then your travel insurer will not be able to help.

Strikes or riots  

The recent tension between India and Pakistan deserves a special mention here. The airports in North India were shut for obvious reasons, public safety being the priority of it all! In such situations, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done. And situations like these can strike like a bolt of lightning!

Any such situation where a strike, riot, or war like situation is announced by the Government, your travel insurance will cover all pre-booked, non-refundable expenses.

Natural Calamity

Well, when Mother Nature is angry, no one is spared from her rage ☹ And hence  in such situations if there’s damage to your home or your travel destination and you decide to cancel your trip, your travel insurance will take care of your expenses!

Lost or misplaced your passport or visa

In all probability, this is worst that can happen to you just before you leave for your trip! However careful you might be, mistakes do happen! Sometimes we are so preoccupied with our travel plans that we tend to get absentminded at times.

For all you know, you may not even have lost your travel documents. But, how much ever you rack your brains, you just can’t remember where you kept it! Thankfully, your travel insurance understands your plan and covers you for the expenses when you cancel a trip due to loss of passport.

So, we’ve given you the common pre-travel glitches that you might face!

If you are wondering why we took all the trouble to do so, well, it all boils down to the importance of having Travel Insurance😊! If you had Travel Insurance, all of the above situations would have been covered, ensuring that you didn’t lose a penny in case you had to cancel your trip!

Travel Insurance may not be a fortuneteller, but it can save you a fortune for sure😊!