Money Management in Indian Marriage

Tips on Managing Money in Indian Weddings

FAQs on Money Management in Marriage

Can one take loans to fund a wedding?

Yes, loans can be an excellent option to fund a wedding. To build a wedding fund, you might apply for a personal loan. A personal loan has the benefit of requiring no collateral from the borrower, and you also do not need to show a reason for borrowing. However, securing a substantial amount with a lower interest rate will depend on your eligibility and credit history.

How many events are there at an Indian wedding? Are all necessary?

Indian weddings mainly consist of four main events –sangeet, mehndi, wedding ceremonies, and reception. But, no, all the events are not necessary. Therefore, you can limit the events at your convenience and cut down on major expenses.

Is it necessary for me to hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner may be a good idea, especially if you are planning a fat and complex wedding. A wedding planner will be able to help you with all the details of planning and executing the wedding, starting from finding decent vendors to managing the logistics. Conversely, in case you are looking for a small and simple wedding, you may be able to handle the planning yourself.

What are some key expenses to keep in mind when budgeting for an Indian wedding?

Some of the key expenses that you must keep in mind are venue charges, catering costs, decorations, jewellery, wedding attire, photography and videography, makeup and hair (mainly for the bride), transportation costs, entertainment such as music, DJs, and gifts for your family and friends.