What are the Different Types of Wills?

What is a Will?

Which Types of Wills Are There in India?

FAQs About Different Types of Will

What specific attributes do valid Wills have? up-arrow

Valid Wills are signed and dated and contain the signatures of witnesses. The number of witnesses depends on the regulation of the state.

Which properties can a testator distribute by making a Will? up-arrow

Testators can create a Will for any moveable or immovable properties, given that they are rightful owners and those properties are self-acquired. They cannot create a valid Will for their ancestral properties.

Can someone make a legal challenge against a Will? up-arrow

Yes, you can make a legal challenge against a Will. However, you can do so for up to 12 years, starting from the testator's death.

How many times can testators change their Wills? up-arrow

Testators can change the provisions stated in their Wills as often as they want. Only the last change before their death will be deemed valid and enforceable.


How should the Privileged Wills be written? up-arrow

Airmen, soldiers or mariners need to write down the entire Will by their hand, or if someone else writes it partly or wholly, testators need to put their signature on it. Declaration of Will through word of mouth is also considered authentic privileged Will.