What Is the Best Age to Retire?

How to Determine the Best Age to Retire?

What Signs to Look for Before Retirement?

What Are the Things to Prepare Before Retirement?

FAQs About Best Age to Retire

How can I build a post-retirement corpus?


You can build a sizeable fund for retirement through the following ways:

Will early retirement be good for me?

Whether your early retirement benefits depend entirely on your financial aspects. You can easily maintain your expenses and lifestyle if you have more than sufficient balance or assets. In such a scenario, you can even pursue your life goals, including travelling to countries, starting new ventures, giving time to charity work, etc.

What should I consider in my pre-retirement stage?

Pre-retirement is the first stage when you determine the permanent discontinuation from your work. You need to start building your post-retirement corpus at this stage. You should also consider your life goals, existing debt obligations, upcoming more significant expenses, etc.

What are the downsides of retiring early?


You can face the following difficulties if you retire before time:

  • In the case of early superannuation, your post-retirement benefits do not increase much.
  • The health insurance coverage your employer provides lapses when you retire.