Gear up with the most important accessory for your bicycle – Digit Insurance

Featured 24 Jun 2017

Disclaimer: Digit has discontinued selling the bicycle insurance product. The content curated below is just for informational purposes. Please stay tuned with us on ( or download the Digit App for all latest information, product launches and other updates.

Bicycling is the mode of choice of the new-age commuter. And being the new-age insurance company, Digit is right behind the rider to ensure that the journey is always safe and secure.

Though the smartest way to move around the city, bicycling comes with its own set of hazards – be it road safety or the threat of theft. That’s why Digit’s Bicycle Insurance offers a wide range of features that covers every possible eventuality. So that when you enjoy the cool wind in your face, you’ll be protected against the dark clouds of anxieties.

So, what exactly do you get, when you get Digit Bicycle Insurance? Let’s have a look.

Personal Accident 

In the unfortunate event when travelling on your bicycle, you meet with a fatal accident, or one that causes total or partial permanent disability, (we hope that never happens!) Digit will reimburse up to the sum insured. But do note that this cover doesn’t include temporary disablement or any medical treatments that may be required. For such a scenario, you will need the next described benefit.

Emergency Accidental Treatment & Evacuation

This benefit covers death or disability in an event of an accident, and even hospitalization bills for any emergency treatment, right up till your discharge. You will be reimbursed OPD and medical costs too. However, non-emergency treatments, pre-existing injuries and dental treatment are not covered in this policy.


Let’s face it, in spite of you going the extra mile to take care of your ride, the fear of theft always looms large when you are leaving it alone. But worry not, Digit has you covered there too. In case your bicycle gets stolen, and even the police can’t locate it, we will refund you the total sum you insured your bicycle for while taking our insurance. We may require a FIR from the police to process the same though.

Accidental Damage

You go to great lengths to ride safely. Sadly, it can’t be said for everyone who’s on the road. If your bicycle suffers total damage in a crash, i.e. it’s damaged beyond repair, you will be reimbursed the sum insured (minus deprecation).Alternately, we will replace your cycle with another one of similar make/model.

*Depreciation is 20% for a 1-year old Cycle and 35% for 2 years old cycle.

In case of partial loss, we will pay you the cost of repairs. This benefit doesn’t cover liquid damage – for instance, your garage got flooded and damaged the cycle. It also doesn’t cover accidental loss due to negligence, like you forgetting where you parked your bicycle. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are also not covered.

Like all true relationships, your bond with your bicycle is quite special. And Digit’s here to keep it that way, with insurance that gives you the freedom of pedalling away carefree and worry-free. So, if you’re planning to get cycling soon, make sure you give Digit Bicycle Insurance a test-ride. There’s a free 15-day look-in period for you to experience it for yourself.

Get yourself covered from head to toe while you’re on the run 😊