Damage from Fire? Covered under your Car Insurance!

Featured 11th-May-2022

We recently heard about the saddening incident in the Aeroshow held in Bangalore, where nearly 300 cars got burnt. Sadly, the reason of this big mishap, was a small act of carelessness. And 3 of our customers had to face the brunt too. While there is nothing one could have done in such a case, it is always wise to follow some safety tips to protect your car from fire when it is parked in a public place.

So, here are some tips to keep your car safe from a fire incident when parked in a public place

1.       Avoid storing any inflammable materials in your car: Because if there is any chance of a fire catching in the surroundings, your car will be a victim of that too.

2.       Check for short circuits and electrical system failure: More than half of the times cars catch fire due to electrical failures or short circuits. Check that none of your wiring is frayed or damaged or there are no chances of an electrical fire. it is advisable to regularly get your car serviced to detect such faults.

3.       Do have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it: Often we do have a fire extinguisher installed but when in a crisis, we fiddle with it, thereby letting the fire rise. So, it is always advisable to know how to use the fire extinguisher so you can actually mitigate the disaster at the start.

4.       Check for fuel leaks: Before you leave your car in the parking, do check for any leaks that might be, and can cause your car to catch fire. Check for any missed fuel tank caps, or don’t forget to lock the tank.

5.       Don’t leave a lit cigarette or an incense stick before leaving your car: Because you don’t know what might happen after you have left.

6.       Choose a safe area to park: Ensure that the area that you have parked in is safe in terms of a fire hazard. Also, maintain a safe distance from the other cars parked beside you in a parking lot, so even if the next car catches fire, yours is safe.

But life sometimes isn’t fair at all. Inspite of maintaining all of the above, sometimes you just cannot control an accident from happening. And that is what happened in the Aeroshow too. In such times, the only ray of hope is your car insurance. Yes, if you have a comprehensive car insurance, it covers you against any damage from fire.

So, what are the situations where you can claim?

1.       If your car catches fire due to an engine failure

2.       If your car catches fire due to an accident

3.       If your car catches fire due to electrical breakdown

4.       If your car catches fire due to someone’s malicious intent

5.       If your entire garage catches fire

6.       If your car catches fire due to a natural disaster

7.       If your car catches fire due to an accident in the parking lot or neighbourhood 

And when are those unfortunate times when you cannot claim for the damage?

1.       If your car catches fire due to an act of war

2.       If your car catches fire due to an act of carelessness or contributory negligence

3.       If the car is set on fire by the owner purposefully

4.       If your car catches fire due to a manufacturing defect

Well, we hope that you never have to claim for a fire damage, but in case if you do your insurance provider will ensure that you get expenses for either a repair or a replacement. After all there can be nothing more unfortunate than losing your beloved asset like this.

And if you are a Digit customer, we will ensure that we are there to help you at every step of your claim. Just give us a call at 1800-103-4448. We are there for you.