Brain games

Featured 24 Jun 2017

Hitting the snooze button on that insurance reminder again? Here’s why it happens

Every time your insurance policy renewal nears deadline and you just renew your existing policy with the same insurance provider, without even looking at the other options available, you think, ‘Why am I such a procrastinator!’. And people around you don’t take a second to give you the answers, ‘Time management problem beta’, ‘Put an alarm or just tell me to remind you’ (well, we’ll see that when it comes to it you think) etc… etc…

And like every year, you put ‘No procrastination’ in your New Year resolutions list!

But trust us, all these years, you’ve been befooled and blamed for no fault of yours! Yes, you hear us right. PROCRATINATION IS NOT A TIME MANAGEMENT ISSUE. Period!

Then what is it?

In reality, your mind’s playing tricks on you and what’s amazing is that it’s got nothing to do with a lack of time and everything to do with a mental block.

So, here’s how your brain makes you procrastinate in its fancy four steps jiggle. Believe us, understanding this is the first step towards a brand-new productive you!

  • ‘D’fense in Bruce Lee fashion (hooowaa)

You know how Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S used humour as a defence mechanism? Similarly, shutting down completely is your brain’s way of protecting you from negative feelings (in the case of insurance, it is the feeling of inability to understand the complicated insurance terms and options).

  • Dexter’s lab your brain’s fav hangout!

So what does it do? Releases norepinephrine, a chemical that causes both fear and anxiety (Am I taking the right plan? I am not even getting what is an IDV, how am I going to decide what it should be? & what not).

  • The adrenaline pill

What else? You are suddenly flooded with adrenaline. (Shutting that screen with insurance plan comparison or shunning the plan to go meet your insurance guy). In the short term, this crushes your anxiety.

  • Brain spa time!

What’s the opposite? Dopamine. Your brain searches for a task that it thinks you’ll get pleasure from, and you’ll find yourself doing it immediately! (Watching GOT instead of renewing your car insurance form in time, now you know why!)

In short, the brain is very clever (duh us, that’s why it is called the ‘Brain’) and has the ability to make us operate against reason.

And on top of it our complex language approach (terms and conditions, legal defintions etc.) as an industry, is the first reason why your brain acts funny and procrastinates (all this while you were going solo on the blame ☹)

You must be thinking, ‘How will this ever change then?’. Well, we’ve got some good news for you! Like psychologists, we’ve thought about how your brain works (or tries to game you) and therefore how should we game it back (Vengeance they call it!)! How? Our minions are working to make our process and language simple for you, for everyone. Which will ensure that your brain doesn’t alert buying insurance as a complex task and of course, lets you be a good boy/ girl and renew your insurance in time!