Our Story

Featured 24 Jun 2017

Let us talk about bread.

The way we know it today, sliced form, was not how it was a century ago. It had to be knifed, torn or bitten off from the loaf itself. Complicated, right? Especially now that you can easily toast a slice. Pop, so simple!

But why are we talking about bread? Because insurance today is very much like that unsliced loaf of bread, cumbersome and unnecessarily complicated. Most consumers have a lack of understanding of what product is right for them, and claim settlement is a long, tedious process where paperwork and fine print makes the entire experience unpleasant. Aargh, someone get us a knife here!

We believe this can be changed; the way insurance products are viewed, purchased and claimed. Simply put, we are here ‘To Make Insurance Simple.’

With that as our mission, we are reimagining products, and redesigning processes. We are going back to the basics and building simple and transparent insurance solutions, that matter to people.

Why Digit?

Our founder originally christened us Oben (German for Ahead/At the top). A name that the team felt wasn’t simple enough to understand and he agreed to change it. (Commitment to Simplicity starts from the top!)

We needed a name that was simple and also reflected our digital first DNA. Say hello to simplicity, Say hello to Digit.

And being simple means being straightforward- there are no twisted rules & no fine print. We wouldn’t want to launch a product if we cannot come out with a better offering or a seamless experience to the customer. In most cases, we are confident we can do both.

There is no room for grey areas in the insurance we offer. Our visual language is just that – black and white. And the pop of yellow adds warmth and keeps us youthful, always.

We are excited about the change we are bringing and very soon we look forward to see you Go Digit with us!

Go Simple. Go Digit.