How Can You Start Building an Emergency Fund?

How to Save for an Emergency Fund?

How to Build an Emergency Fund?

How to Secure the Emergency Funds?

FAQs About Building Emergency Fund

Which expenses should you consider while building an emergency fund?

While building an emergency fund, you should consider essential expenses like children's education fees, household expenses, equated monthly instalments (EMIs), and insurance premium payments.

How long does it take to build an emergency fund?

It takes about 6 to 18 months to build an emergency fund. Hence, you should start planning accordingly to have sufficient money for spending when the regular cash inflow evaporates.

How much money should you save for an emergency fund?

You can save up to 3 to 6 months' salary in your contingency fund. Alternatively, you can also save amounts equivalent to 3 to 6 months' living expenses. This ensures that you will not have to compromise on your current lifestyle.

When should you not extract money from your emergency fund?

You should not use the money from the contingency fund for meeting planned expenses, repaying credits, funding international vacations, and any other purposes which do not adhere to the goal of building the emergency fund.