What is Estate Planning for Blended Families?

What is a Blended Family?

Is Estate Planning Different for Blended Families?

What Are the Different Estate Planning Options for Blended Families?

What Are the Most Useful Tips for Estate Planning for Blended Families?

FAQs About Estate Planning for Blended Families

What are some most common errors in estate planning for blended families?

The most common mistake in this case is to try making a plan by yourself without including your spouse. This will make it appear to your spouse that you do not trust them enough, leading to severe consequences. If you already have a plan in place, not informing your spouse of it will be another severe mistake.

Who becomes the legal heir after marrying for the second time?

If the second marriage happens after the first spouse's divorce or death, the first spouse will become the legal heir of self-acquired and ancestral properties.

Is blended family a legal term?

No, 'blended family' is not a legal term. It refers to a family where you can find spouses' children from other partners.