Guidelines on Selecting Wealth Management Solutions in India

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How Does Wealth Management Service Work in India?

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FAQs on Selecting Wealth Management Solutions in India

How do wealth managers find the right investment plans for you? up-arrow

Financial institutions consider several factors like risk appetite, time frame, liquidity concerns, current and past investments, and tax liabilities. Accordingly, they will choose the best investment plans to serve your needs perfectly.

What are some of the services that wealth managers offer? up-arrow

Wealth managers offer crucial services, including net worth determination, retirement income planning, education fund planning, trust planning, estate plan creation, insurance planning, investment management, tax management and minimisation, and risk management.

What are some of the questions that you should ask when selecting a wealth management firm? up-arrow

One of the important questions you should ask while selecting a wealth management firm is their business model? Are they managing your investments or managing your wealth? How do they serve their clients? What is their investment approach? What is the breadth of their services?

What are the wealth management charges in India? up-arrow

A wealth manager in India usually charges between ₹6,000 and ₹40,000. However, it can notably vary with the quality of services that they offer. So, it becomes imperative to go through the costs before hiring them to avoid additional financial burdens.

Is it worth hiring wealth management solutions in India? up-arrow

Yes, hiring a wealth management solution can help you in many ways. These usually include protecting your assets, growing your investments, meeting financial goals, and so on, reducing your financial burden and allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your life.