10 Tips for a Safe Mountain Trip

Featured 14th Jan-2022

10 Tips for a Safe Mountain Trip

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Travelling to the mountains anytime soon? Here are our 10 safety tips for a successful mountain trip (yes, especially during the pandemic!) 

Travelling to the mountains can be a wonderful experience and the perfect escape from your everyday life.

Especially these days when people are worried about the safety of public travel and big hotels due to the pandemic, it could be one way to safely get away into the outdoors. (you still need to take all the right precautions, of course!)

However, whether you’re going on a mountain trip for an adventure, to escape, or just for some relaxation, there are a lot of things to think about and to prepare.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the mountains anytime soon, these are some things you need to keep in mind:

1. Check the weather forecast

Check what the weather is going to be like wherever you're going, as the weather in mountain regions can change very quickly.

Also, it’s good to remember that although the daytime in the mountains can get quite warm, the nights and mornings are pretty cold, even in the summer.

So, it’s good to be prepared for all kinds of weather, the last thing you want is to get stuck in the rain! 

2. Make sure your car has a valid car insurance

Depending on your itinerary, to get to your mountain destination you might need to first drive there, so make sure your car (and you!) are covered by the right vehicle insurance policy.

If you opt for a comprehensive cover, you can rest easy, because you’ll know that you can easily get help even in the case of an unfortunate accident or a mechanical breakdown, even on remote mountain roads! 

3. Check if you need a flight delay cover

If you’re flying somewhere for part of the trip, rather than driving- even if it’s a domestic destination, you might want to opt for a flight delay cover.

Flight delays can be common during the winters, and we understand just the kind of frustration you feel when your flight is delayed! While we can’t give you back time, the least we can do is to ensure you’re compensated.

So, if you’re going to be stuck at the airport for longer, you can at least spend it at the airport on some delicious food, a good book or maybe just save it if you want! 

4. Wear the right clothes and shoes

If you have checked what the weather will be like, it also means that you'll know exactly what clothes and shoes to wear (and pack!) to keep you nice and cozy – you can check out stores like Decathlon for specific attires based on your type of trip and terrain you’re visiting.

Generally sturdy shoes, thermals and a lightweight down feather jacket should be enough, unless you're heading somewhere REALLY cold like the Himalayas. 

5. Carry some cash, rather than just using your card

When you’re travelling to out of the way places like small villages in the mountains, ATM machines might not always work.

And if you want to visit any small food joints or buy souvenirs (and obviously you do!), many places only accept cash, so make sure you have enough.

6. Pack lightly and strategically

You’re going to have to carry everything that you pack in your bag on your own!

So, it’s super important that you pack only the exact amount of clothing and equipment that you need according to your destination. 

7. Don’t take unnecessary risks!

Anything could happen, especially during bad weather. So, make sure you take all the precautions you need to.

Simple things like knowing what trails to walk on, and what condition the path is in can be a real life saver!

Remember, the mountains aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it's okay to take things slow. 

8. Make sure you have a basic health insurance

Even if you don’t go out of your way to take risks, any mountain journey is a pretty risky business.

We really hope it doesn’t happen, but some risks include – sprains, joint paints, fractures, breathing problems (due to higher altitudes) or even just food poisoning from something you ate.

And given the current situation with COVID-19, make sure you reduce your anxieties and get health insurance so that you’re covered in case of any medical emergencies, no matter how big or small they are. 

9. Take enough packaged food and water

It is super important that you stay hydrated and that you have food to keep your energy up. Pack things like protein bars, dry fruits, and ready-to-eat snacks.

You can also carry along a refill-able water bottle to have enough water. Make sure you carry enough but don't overpack because you need to travel light.

10. Keep some essentials handy

For a seamless and wonderful mountain journey experience, you're going to need some essentials.

This includes things like basic toiletries, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a power bank, and maybe a flashlight and a map (so you don't waste your phone battery!).     

So, keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for any adventure possible when you’re on your mountain journey.

India has no shortage of mountain destinations, from the Western Ghats to the Himalayas. But remember each destination also has some special tips and requirements that you’ll need to keep in mind (like for example you’ll need much warmer clothing in the Himalayas).

In case you’re travelling internationally, it would be a good idea to opt for travel insurance, especially one that covers adventure sports and activities like mountain trips!

This way you’ll also protect yourself in situations like unpredictable flight delays, losing your belongings, and even medical emergencies.

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