Cover flight delays

Make your flight delays a memorable experience

5 awesome things you can do at the airport if you have a delayed flight

Let Food Fuel You

Let Food Fuel You

After all, a hangry you isn't a happy you!

Hop & Shop

Hop & Shop

Stroll around your favorite shops and maybe fulfill that little wishlist! 

Get a Mind Spa!

Browse the airport bookstore and pick out your next favourite read!

Sweet Indulgences

Sweet Indulgences

Nobody deserves to have their flight delayed, but everyone deserves some good dessert. 

Keep the Cash

Keep the Cash

Save the wallet some trouble or just use the cash on your next cab ride (maybe even opt for a premier cab this time 😉)

What do you get when your flight is delayed?

Travel Month

Flight Delay

Fixed Benefit

February to November

90 Minutes or More


December and January

120 Minutes or More


What we offer you

Automated Claims

Automated Claims

We actively track your flight and as soon as a delay is noticed, we send you a notification for your claim, making it a hassle-free experience.

Disrupting industry trends

One-of-a-kind Cover

We give a 1½ or 2 hours delay cover vs 6 Hours as per industry standard.

Hassle-free claim process

We will automatically send you an SMS with a link.
Upload your boarding pass and bank details on the link.
Voila! Your account will be credited with the amount we promised. 

What’s not covered?

We truly believe in transparency! Here’s are the situations you won’t be covered for.

If the airline has been responsible and informed you about the delay of at least 6 hours in advance.

This cover is only applicable for domestic flights running within India.

This cover is applicable only for a single flight. So, if you would like to protect your complete trip, you should get a cover for each of your onward and return flight. 

FAQs about Common Carrier Delay Cover for flight delays