Get ready for a hiccup free travel!

Available when you book through Cleartrip App

Domestic Travel insurance that isn’t a gimmick. Covering delays that are actually likely. Taking care of your baggage completely. Settlements that happen before you know it. Can it get any better?

We do it for you

Claim SMS sent to you when we detect your flight is delayed. So you don’t have to run around for settlements like the others.

Least delay coverage

Mostly policies cover longer delays, which rarely happen. We cover the more common delays starting from 75 minutes.

Fully digital claims process

No paperwork, no running around. Just upload your boarding pass or ticket, and we take care of the rest.

Plan that works for you

Flight delay

Flat ₹1,000

  • Delays starting from 75 minutes and above are covered.

Trip cancellation

Upto ₹20,000

  • Covers cancellation due to an unfortunate incident with any travelling member.

Delay in checked-in baggage

Flat ₹2,000

  • Covers you if the arrival of your checked-in baggage is delayed by more than 2 hours.

Total loss of checked-in baggage

Upto ₹10,000

  • Covers you if checked-in baggage is lost. If you checked-in three bags and one was lost, we will pay you one-third of ₹10,000.

Missed connection

Upto ₹3,000. Deductible ₹500

  • Covers you if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay in your previous flight.

Accidental death & disability (Common Carrier)

Upto ₹10,00,000

  • Covers you if you have an accident while boarding, de-boarding or are on the flight and it results in disability or death.

Personal accident

Upto ₹10,00,000

  • Covers you if you have an accident during your trip and it results disability or death.

Emergency accidental treatment

Upto ₹2,00,000

  • Covers your hospital bills for any emergency treatment due to an accident during your trip.

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